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  • Australia’s most awarded print gets Sappi gold prize

    Offset Alpine’s promotion, Capabilities+ continues its award winning procession, picking up the only gold awarded at the Sappi Trading global competition in Sydney last night.

    The Sappi prize joins a stellar list of accolades accumulated over the past 18 months, including;

    • Gold Award at the NSW Pica, 2010
    • Gold Award at the National Print Awards 2011
    • Heidelberg sponsor’s award for Excellence in Craft NPA 2011
    • PaperlinX sponsor’s award for Excellence in Printing NPA 2011
    • Four Premier Print Awards – the Bennies – from The Printing Industries of America in September, including a prestigious Best of the Best
    • Sappi Trading Gold Award 2012.

    The iconic work is a book designed to showcase the capabilities (sic) of Offset Alpine. A lavish production with numerous embellishments and incorporating multiple printing processes, Capabilities+ has become a collector’s piece for print connoisseurs.

    “It’s been very satisfying for the team here at Offset Alpine. It reflects the skills and capabilities of the company. It also helps maintain the standards required to produce this level of work,” said Garth Hackett, sales and marketing director .

    The work is now entered into the Sappi Printer of the Year competition against other gold winners from The USA, Europe and South Africa in September. It represents one of the industry’s best chances of bringing home one of the prized Sappi Elephant trophies.

    In addition to the Offset Alpine Gold, Australian printers were awarded two silver and six bronze medals in competition against printers from Asia, and Central and South America.

    John Walker, Managing Director, Sappi Trading Australia Pty Ltd, congratulated the winners. “Awards such as these celebrate the achievements of the past two years, but they also point the way forward into the future. They do so by establishing a standard of excellence that others will strive to meet – that’s how we continue to raise the bar of excellence in our industry.”