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  • Calgraphics goes solar to combat power costs

    Victorian signage and large-format print house, Calgraphics Group, is combating its electricity infrastructure upgrade costs with the installation of a 35 kilowatt, 1200 square metre rooftop solar array.

    Anne Bennett, owner of the Kilsyth-based company Calgraphics Group, said switching to solar was in response to the costs associated with upgrading its power supply system but importantly that clean energy was in keeping with the company’s business goals.

    “We had power supply issues and it was a substantial cost to upgrade if we remained solely with conventional power. The inclusion of solar power not only eased our power supply restrictions, but it was a natural progression for our business,” she said.

    Calgraphics says it is committed to the protection of the environment and has adopted sustainable policies. Minimising the environmental impact of its operations on the local community is an issue the company says it takes seriously.

    “We operate our day-to-day business by fostering the sustainable use of natural resources,” said Bennet.

    According to Bennett, the 36-year old business is driven by innovation and sustainable business values. Having solar energy company, Sun Connect, install the 35 kilowatt solar system on a third of its 1200 square-metres of roof space to power its factory was in-line with these principles. It was also the right thing to do for its staff and clients.

    “Our largely Blue-Chip clientele are increasingly asking about green business credentials. So it is an asset to say we are an environmentally sustainable business for our brand and reputation,” she said. “But it is also the way we like to do things as an environmentally committed and hard-working team and, importantly, as a company with a clean corporate conscience.”

    Bennett also said that, according to the indicators since installing solar power, Calgraphics looks likely to meet its power supply expectations with what she says is the “the advantage of reduced costs at a time when the price of energy is rising.

    “The opportunity to partner with Sun Connect was also a great way to show our commitment to the community through reducing our carbon footprint,” she said.