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  • Stahls’ Pacific takes on GCC printer cutter range

    GCC is set to bolster its presence in the local landscape after appointing Sydney-based industry supplier, Stahls’ Pacific, as a local distributor for sale and maintenance of its laser cutter, printer and cutting plotter ranges.

    The new distribution agreement between the two companies saw Jeff Lee, GCC manager, and Tommy Tang, GCC senior technician, appear at Stahls’ Pacific stand at PacPrint in Melbourne last month.

    Among the new equipment the Hornsby-based supplier is carrying under the agreement, is the RX-Series of cutting plotters – one of the latest product ranges to be released locally by the Taiwan-headquartered print equipment manufacturer.

    According to Rod O’Brien, Stahls’ Pacific chief executive, the new RX-Series ticked all of the company’s boxes for a new product offering. Stahls’ Pacific has already been operating two GCC RX-series cutting plotters in its bureau service department for the past six months.

    “We use our cutters all day, every day. The RX plotters not only met our expectations, they exceeded them, especially when it came to productivity,” he said.

    GCC is also working to push into the local print and cut printer niche with its JC-240E printer cutter (pictured), which is targeted at small to medium print workloads. The JC-240E includes features such as the ability to print on substrate up to 10mm thick and the potential to be converted to a flatbed through the use of optional accessories.

    According to Stahls’ Pacific, one of the standout features of the JC-240E is the Konica Minolta printheads that can be operated in four, six or eight-colour formats, including the use of white ink and also clear ink for sealing and laminating print work.

    Featuring recyclable cardboard casing, the environmentally friendly ink-housing solution represents a new direction of ink cartridge manufacturing and is demonstrative of the innovations that GCC can bring to the Australian marketplace.

    Stahls’ Pacific has already started selling cutting plotters such as the GCC RX-Series as well as laser systems in the local market – in fact, the JC-240E was on display at its PacPrint stand.