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  • Outdoor board weathers Vivid Sydney

    Vivid signage printed on Oppboga board.

    Visitors to this year’s Vivid Sydney festival are being treated to an unusual (and sustainable) sight: signage printed by VFX Print Group on Oppboga outdoor board supplied by Starleaton, which has survived a lashing from the rain none the worse for wear.

    The paper-based board offers 3 months of outdoor durability in an ultra-smooth, white and flat sheet, at a cost comparable with fluted products. This year, Oppboga boards are decorating a number of projector hoardings around Sydney’s CBD for the Vivid festival. According to Bill Apostolidis, general manager at VFX Print Group, which printed the boards, Oppboga’s appeal is its sustainability. “It’s 100 percent biodegradable, and 100 percent recyclable. I don’t think there’s any other outdoor product that can match it on that front,” he said.

    Bill Apostolidis, VFX.

    Despite the wild weather, VFX’s printed signage has held up well all throughout Vivid. “It prints very nicely, it’s very forgiving and easy to use, and we haven’t had a situation where weather has created any problems regardless of how long it’s been out there,” said Apostolidis.

    James Merhab, Starleaton.

    James Merhab, business development manager at Starleaton, is very happy with how the Oppboga signs have endured at Vivid, and believes this is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of a sustainable product with several advantages over substrates such as corflute. “This was a really good demonstration of the product’s capabilities, especially using it for a big campaign. Compared to other products, it allows for easy application, quick removability, and efficiency,” he said. “Aside from sustainability, Oppboga has another advantage over corflute – its flat finish, with no corrugated lines running through it, gives a better quality print graphic.”

  • Starleaton bolsters substrate range with Neschen

    Starleaton Digital Solutions, is bolstering its substrate offering with the introduction of its new Neschen Solvoprint window-grip Ultra Clear self-adhesive digital print film to its range of films for signage and promotions. 

    Neschen Solvoprint Window-Grip Ultra Clear is a highly transparent polyester cling film which can be printed with (eco) solvent, latex and UV-curable inks or in a UV offset printing process. Although adhesive-free, it sticks to all smooth surfaces, including glass, metal and similar materials. It is ideal for windows, mirrors and flat screens — the cling film can be applied and removed easily, or repositioned without losing any adhesive force and without leaving any residue.

    Dr Gerhard Dransmann, Head of New Product Development at Neschen AG in Bückeburg, said, “Our new self-adhesive film is the perfect solution for advertising messages, such as during promotions or action weeks. Printed back-to-front, it can also be used for a shop window advertising message affixed to the inside of the window.”

    Neschen Solvoprint Window-Grip Ultra Clear is 125μm thick and is available in rolls 30 metres long and 127cm wide. Until now, such products were used almost exclusively for UV-curable ink systems. This self-adhesive digital print film from Neschen is resistant to water and heat, and boasts greater “adhesive force” than electrostatic cling films.

    Using Neschen’s Window Grip Ultra Clear cling film, digital printers can now work with other machines already available to them. An ultra-clear cling film of this quality which can be printed with a variety of solvent inks has never previously been available.

    “This new ultra clear film from Neschen is exactly the solution that pritners who specialise in sign and promotion work are looking for,” said Starleaton’s General Manager, Ben Eaton. “Not only is it a very high quality film, it’s also very easy to print and use in a variety of applications, giving them new avenues for boosting sales and revenue.”

  • A flash Australian first for Flash Graphics

    Sydney’s Flash Graphics is the first print house in Australia to take on a SEAL 65 Pro MD laminator, after ordering the unit, which is billed as ‘the most advanced laminator in the world’ from local distributor, Starleaton.

    The first Australian sale of the new machine comes eight months after Starleaton sold its first 65 Pro MD into the New Zealand market late last year.

    Fredrik Udén, general manager of the Marrickville-based sign and display specialist, Flash Graphics, said that his company has used other SEAL laminators for some years, but the new unit’s speed and more economical floor space prompted the decision to buy the new machine.

    “We still do quite a bit of hot laminating; we often print on paper stock where the hot laminating process gives the paper a certain rigidity along with pristine photographic quality for our Tuffline stands” he explained.

    “Apart from its vastly increased speed, which copes with the market’s ever decreasing lead times, the new unit has demonstrated fewer fluctuations and a vastly greater degree of control,” said Udén.

    According to Ben Eaton (pictured), Starleaton Digital Solutions’ general manager, the new laminating entrant created a sensation when first introduced in the US market late last year.

    “For sheer speed, the 65 Pro MD is unbeatable,” said Eaton. “It runs thermal laminate two to three times as fast as similar machines for high productivity laminating shops. Being designed and made in Neschen’s US factory, the build and quality are simply outstanding.”

    At 1,651mm wide (65 inches), 65 Pro MD it is 76mm wider than previous SEAL PRO models. A new easy-to-use touchscreen control panel puts all adjustments at the operator’s fingertips – from both sides of the machine, thanks to the swivel-arm mount.

    According to Eaton, the bi-directional operation allows hot and cold laminating jobs to be run consecutively without needing to wait for the front rollers to cool down. Precise nip and temperature are displayed on the LCD panel for total control.

    For Udén, the new machine has substantially increased the turnaround for a large number of the company’s jobs.

    “The jobs which yesterday have a two or three day turnaround will virtually be instantaneous,” he said. “Speed and price will be a given, and the quality has to come with it.”

    The sale of the new machine to Flash Graphics comes as Starleaton undergoes a major rebranding, with the company claiming a new logo and refurbished headquarters in Sydney’s Brookvale.

    “It’s been ten years since we refreshed our logo and brand, and we decided that a fresh look would take us into the next phase of our business, especially with the new generation of people who are now in the industry,”said Eaton. “We think it has a little more currency in this new market. We’ve done a lot of development inside the company to be the premier supplier of a total solution for digital professionals.

    “We’ve spent over 12 months developing a full suite of products that are easy to apply, easy to install, and that deliver a higher profit at the end of each job. We’ve expanded our product range to over 2,000 lines, so we can provide innovative products for specialised jobs, while at the same time carrying all the commodity lines,” he said.