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  • PIAA teams up with NSW government for print industry benchmarking tool

    The Printing Industries Association of Australia (Printing Industries) and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage are in discussions that could lead to the development of a new benchmarking tool for the printing industry.

    Hagop Tchamkertenian (pictured), Printing Industries national manager for Policy and
    Government Affairs, said that a joint survey was launched on 8 July to give printing industry companies the opportunity to identify what they consider to be critical benchmarks that could help their performance.

    “Benchmarking is a powerful management strategy that enlightens businesses to new methods, ideas and tools to improve their effectiveness,” said Tchamkertenian. “If a business does not measure their performance against other similar businesses, then they have no basis to determine how well they are doing in their sector.

    “Benchmarking also helps overcome resistance to change by using performance data to demonstrate better practices than some companies may be currently using to resolve issues,” he said.

    According to Tchamkertenian, the project would aim to provide a simple tool, focusing on a small number of useful benchmarks.

    The survey will be open until Tuesday 23 July 2013 and can be accessed via this link.

  • PIAA launches business succession plan survey

    The age of industry business and the succession plans of their owners is the subject of a snapshot survey from the Printing Industries Association of Australia (Printing Industries).

    The new survey forms part of the Association’s succession planning and industry exit strategy options currently being developed.

    Printing Industries National Manager for Policy and Government Affairs, Hagop Tchamkertenian (pictured), said the 90 second survey was part of research on industry business demographics, in particular the age of businesses and the extent of related succession planning.

    “We are seeking data on the degree of family ownerships, their business sectors and the age at which owners believe they may want to pass their business on,” he said.

    “It is also important to know whether or not they currently have a succession plan in place.”

    The survey is open until Friday 5 July 2013 and can be accessed via this link.