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  • Iridesse is in ‘a class of its own’: Pettaras

    Theo Pettaras, Digitalpress, with the Fuji Xerox Iridesse.

    Sydney’s Digitalpress has long been at the forefront of digital printing innovation. Now, with the addition of the new Fuji Xerox Iridesse press, the bespoke printing house and its owner Theo Pettaras are able to push the limits of digital technology in a way they never could before.

    When Theo Pettaras sets his mind to something, it’s difficult for anything to get in his way. Two years ago, he decided to do something about his health, and this year he won two championships in natural body-building. “I’ve learnt from bodybuilding that you have to have a goal and stick to it. It’s taught me about focus,” he said.

    Failing to reach his goals – in his personal or business life – is now no longer an option for Pettaras, and it’s this drive that led him to replace his aging digital press with the Fuji Xerox Iridesse, launched last year in Bangkok. “We thought about it for a long time, we made careful consideration,” he said. “We’re very happy with our decision, we feel Fuji Xerox have the infrastructure to be able to support us. It’s a great fit for us, and as we continue to grow, we believe they’re the one to help us with that.

    “When you weigh it all up, the overall benefits of all the different features that the Iridesse has, it’s in a class of its own compared to any other machine that we’ve seen.”

    Roger Labrum, Fuji Xerox.

    One unique selling point of the Iridesse press is its capacity to print using metallic gold and silver toner. When these are combined with CMYK, the press can print most Pantone metallic colours, according to Roger Labrum, graphic communications marketing manager at Fuji Xerox. “The press can underlay silver, gold or white through the first station, then mix this with CMYK colours to create what we call Metallicolours,” he said. “The final station within the press can deliver gold, silver, white and clear as a spot for any embellishment requirements – an industry first.”

    Applications for this could include products such as luxury car catalogues, suggests Labrum. “The information sent through from the customer could be translated into a variable data brochure full of the customer’s preferences on the vehicle. Fulfilled via the Iridesse, the application would be on-brand, but more importantly, the correct metallic colour of the vehicle would be represented correctly,” he said. “Advertising will form a large part of the applications this press will deliver to end users. Things like jewellery, cars, watches, fashion – all of these will benefit from the value-add of metallic.”

  • Enterprise Connect offers health checks for print businesses

    Printing Industries is encouraging all small to medium printers to apply for a Enterprise Connect Business Review and gain an independent assessment of their business. One company already benefitting from the process is Theo Pettaras’ Digitalpress, which has seen a 15% increase in productivity.

    Following advice from their business adviser, Digitalpress implemented a cash flow management system and developed a detailed business and marketing plan to define market demands and clarify the future vision for the Sydney-based printer.

    “We were in an early growth stage and were very focused on the day to day running of the business, we welcomed an outside perspective on improvements we could make to the way we do business,” said Pettaras.

    Experienced Enterprise Connect Business Advisers are available to conduct a top-to-bottom analysis of individual businesses within the printing industry. The Business Review is conducted on-site and involves assessing strengths and weaknesses, benchmarking against other businesses in the industry and providing recommendations for business improvements.

    Enterprise Connect has been offering the Business Review service to Australian businesses across an expanding range of industries for over three years, approving over 5,500 Business Reviews.

    Enterprise Connect recently established the Printing and Publishing Industries Support Network to provide professional business advice, development services and linkages to businesses within the printing and publishing industries. With specialist expertise and networks, Enterprise Connect can now provide more tailored advice and support to printing businesses.

    Printing industries CEO Bill Healey, said feedback from printing businesses among the first to pilot the Enterprise Connect Business Review had strongly endorsed the value of undertaking the Business Review and of accessing other tailored services offered by Enterprise Connect.

    “The Business Review is conducted by an Enterprise Connect Business Adviser whose goal is to help the printing business to reach the next level with unbiased advice and their specialist knowledge of the printing industry.

    “These people have significant private sector experience at a senior level and are focussed on helping companies to achieve very real and sustainable change and use a range of industry contacts, tools and resources to assist business for the longer term,” Healey said.

    According to Healey, on average each client could expect their review to identify at least five recommended actions across a wide range of areas including strategy, human resource management, financial management, business and production processes and marketing.

    “Once they have completed the review, businesses can access Tailored Advisory Service funding to help implement change. The goal is to make the individual business robust and sustainable into the future,’ adds Healey.

    Hagop Tchamkertenian, national manager for policy and government affairs at Printing Industries, said he was hopeful the Printing and Publishing Industries Support Network will provide a new impetus and result in increased take-up of the services offered by the Enterprise Connect.

    “We have been calling for increased support for our industry for some time. Having a dedicated Network for our industry is a major triumph. It is now up to printing industry participants to take full advantage of the opportunity that has been made available to them and strive to become more efficient, competitive and sustainable.

    “83 per cent of Enterprise Connect clients have reported improvements in productivity and efficiency. We are now inviting our industry to take up the opportunity and become part of the process of continuous improvement,” said Tchamkertenian.

    To find out more about accessing business improvement services tailored to the printing industry, contact Printing Industries on 1800 227 425, or to apply for an Enterprise Connect Business Review visit or call 131 791.