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  • Printers’ seminar final call – PIAA

    Bookings close at the end of this week for a Sydney lunchtime seminar to help printing companies to develop an innovation edge in client management.

    Seminar guest speaker Steve Tighe says printing companies needed to understand that innovation was not just limited to technology, but also extended into the sales and marketing areas with scope for companies to be innovative without having to outlay vast sums of money.

    Tighe (pictured) is a leading advisor to business on the future, strategy and innovation and is the former National Foresight Manager with global brewing giant Foster’s.

    He says printing company owners, managers, staff and customers needed to understand why consumer values, attitudes and behaviours were changing in order to meet the expectations of their clients.

    By being able to anticipate and respond to these changes positively, they could become more valuable to their own clients and create services to help these clients meet the expectations of their own customers.

    “It’s important that printing company managers be aware of consumer values and attitudes and how and why behaviours and needs are changing in order to work better with their clients,” says Tighe.

    He says it is crucial for companies to understand and develop innovative thinking to reposition their business away from the threats they may are facing and to identify where the opportunities lie.

    Bookings for the Printing Industries’ Planning and Innovating for the Future seminar, supported by Media Super, close at midday this Friday 19 October. The seminar will be held on Tuesday 23 October from 12.30pm at Dooleys Lidcombe Catholic Club.

    Tickets are $80 per person and can be made by contacting Mark Tolentino at Printing Industries on 8789 7388 e-mail: or by downloading the registration form here