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  • PIAA pilots workshop to coach value-adding

    Printing Industries is piloting a training course to educate and skill printers to deliver marketing value-add services for their clients. Developed by the PIAA and ADMA, the workshop covers social media, data management and marketing campaign creation.

    Ian Walz, national manager of commercial services at Printing Industries, says the pilot one-day course will be held in Sydney on 26 June.

    “Our intention is to deliver the course across Australia as we believe it provides the ‘missing link’ many print companies need to provide the value-add services that would be of interest to their customers.

    “Printing companies increasingly face major challenges with determining how to stay relevant and profitable in a price-sensitive, digital marketing age. We have developed this intensive course to explain not only what to do but also how to do it and so be able to capitalise on the opportunities that currently exist,” he said.

    The course will cover:

    1. Capitalising on marketing opportunities
    2. The Essentials of Success for your client’s campaign
    3. Getting cut-through with mail
    4. Success with email
    5. Website landing pages
    6. Data techniques
    7. Social Media

    According to Printing Industries’ Joe Kowalewski, printing companies were often the first point of contact for business promoting their goods and services.

    “The printing company/ marketing services provider model is increasingly becoming a profitable model for companies able to provide services in addition to printing,” he said.

    “From the feedback we have received, it is evident many more companies want to expand their business model into new media areas but are uncertain about how to do it or what may be involved,” said Kowalewski. “The course is designed to fill-in some of the gaps and provide the knowledge necessary to move forward and develop the services that printers’ clients may want or be currently sourcing elsewhere.”

    Course enrolment is $595 for Printing Industries members and $745 for non-members. There will be a 15% discount for companies who have five or more attendees. The discount will be refunded after the event.

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