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  • CMYKhub powers up with a HP Indigo 10000

    Trent Nankervis installs Australia’s fourth HP Indigo 10000 press to boost capacity in short-run, high-value print to meet the expectations of its print industry customers.

    The premier ‘for trade’ supplier made over $2 million investments in the Melbourne facility following a survey of its reseller customers that identified a market for such items as high-quality digitally printed short-run A4 landscape perfect bound and saddle-stitched booklets as well as A2 size jobs such as point-of-sale posters.

    CMYKhub is setting a cracking pace nationwide in press investment and technology upgrades as it keeps pace with growing demand from its printer resellers. According to Nankervis the growth is a vindication of CMYKhub’s commitment to never sell direct.

    Now the addition of a HP Indigo 10000 to the Heidelberg West facility, only the fourth one to go into Australia, is set to expand the range of products it can offer its resellers even more.

    While admitting it is difficult to do a definitive ROI on new equipment Nankervis is convinced the HP Indigo 10000 is the right technology at the right time. “We made the decision after interviewing our customers to find out what they wanted. There was overwhelming positive response for the work the HP Indigo 10000 can produce,” he said.

    The new press is still settling in, running test sheets this week, although Nankervis confessed himself surprised at the quality of the first few sheets that came off the machine. “I’ve tested many different machines but these were as good as it gets,” he said.

    "It’s a balance of timing and technology," Trent Nankervis, MD, CMYKhub

    To complement the new press, CMYKhub has also installed a Scodix digital embossing press, which is capable a high lift spot UV effect adding impact with a high-spot gloss finish to printed material.

    The intention is to fill the press with new work, not take it from the current line up of HP Indigo 5600 and the Komori Lithrone G40P 8-colour H-UV perfector. (He traded in the HP Indigo 7600.)

    Working on the premise that the market only has so much capacity for this time of equipment and that within 18 or so months there will be six to ten of them in operation, Nankervis believes now is the time to make the move.

    “It’s a balance of timing and technology. I believe the 10000 technology is now quite acceptable where it is. There are other brands in the market but they’re not ready yet. I did a lot of testing and by the time the others are ready it will be a challenge to consider a two million dollar investment with so many already in the market,” he said.

    As an avid technologist he believes that while the future will belong to inkjet it’s not ready yet in terms of repeatability and maintenance. One of the first early fans of Benny Landa’s Nanography, he recognises that the emerging press company is now focusing more on the packaging market with its five colour and coater machine. The commercial version of the Landa press is still some years off.

    “At this stage the HP Indigo 10000 is the best option for commercial printers such as us,” he said.

    The digital engine is only one of a number of new investments, mostly in Ryobi LED-UV perfectors, the latest going into Queensland following a similar post-PacPrint installation in Sydney.

    “It depends on the size of the market and the demand. Here in Melbourne we need the big Komori but other markets are different,” said Nankervis.

    CMYKhub resellers will shortly receive sample kits to assist them take maximum advantage of the new products from the HP Indigo 10000. “We feel the short run 6-page A4 brochures and landscape A4 brochures will aid the resellers to tackle markets like the real estate industry,” said Nankervis.