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  • International print use survey needs input

    Printing Industries is calling on local print houses to participate in a 15-country survey covering the role print plays in everyday life. Companies are being asked not only to directly take part, but also to pass the survey on to their customers to help capture the broadest range and greatest number of responses.

    The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) is conducting the survey in conjunction with Europe’s Print Power organisation, Two Sides Australia and the PIAA.

    According to Hagop Tchamkertenian, national manager for policy and government affairs at Printing Industries, this is the first time such a survey had been carried out covering Australia, the UK, Europe and the US.

    “In a multi-channel world we have to understand how consumers relate to print and how reading habits are being impacted by new media.

    “This survey will give us valuable insight, ensuring that our promotion of print as a highly effective and sustainable media is clearly focused on consumers’ reading preferences,” he said.

    Tchamkertenian believes the survey results would provide up-to-date data on print use and be invaluable for the printing industries in all participating countries in assessing consumer media preferences.

    Print shops, mailers, packaging operations and the greater print community are encouraged to circulate the survey as widely as possible. The questionnaire consists of six short stories, each describing a different media use situation.

    Printing Industries, Joe Kowalewski, invites consumers to read the stories and rate how well they fit into their lifestyles and media use habits. Attitudes towards advertising in different media channels are also studied.

    “In the second phase later this year small groups of consumers from different countries will be invited to provide more detailed information on their media use habits.

    “The focus will be on finding out what kind of needs and expectations people have for print advertising and examine the role of print products in everyday life,” said Kowalewski.

    The survey can be accessed via this link