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  • Three-roll Uvistar drives Mezographics banner boom

    Victorian wide format trade printer, Mezographic is facing a boom in its banner printing capacity after taking on a Fujifilm Uvistar Pro8 grand format printer, which can handle three rolls simultaneously for increased productivity.

    The family-owned company took on the new Uvistar machine when it moved from its former Hallam site into its new premises at Danenong South in March this year. According to Frank Mezo, who heads the company, with the new press came the ability to lift its banner capacity while maintaining print quality.

    “This delivers an unbeatable increase in productivity but without any sacrifice to quality,” said Mezo. “Banner material is our main product and it just flies through the Uvistar in a three-roll configuration.”

    (L to R) Murray Sheedy – Uvistar Operator, Mezographic; Frank Mezo, Managing Director; Jeremy Walker, Operations Manager; Michael Liveris, Fujifilm Business Development Manager; Iman Monem, Fujifilm Account Manager.

    In fact, it was this three-roll configuration ability that first attracted Mezo to the machine, which can print three rolls up to 1.6 metres wide simultaneously – a unique offering in the Uvistar’s sector of the market, according to Mezo.

    “There is nothing comparable with it in the market at a similar cost,” said Mezo. “The Uvistar is quite unique in quality and productivity for a variety of applications including back-lit. Our typical run lengths are anything from one to one thousand and the Uvistar handles all levels with ease.”

    Not only is the five-metre wide, 350 square metre-per-hour grand format printer enabling Mezographic to leverage its banner capacity but, according to Mezo it is also ideal for back-lit panels and lightboxes with its 600dpi true resolution (1200 dpi apparent).

    For Mezo, whose company already possessed a Fujifilm Acuity HD Advance flatbed printer, along with an HP Scitex XP 2700, HP FB 7600 and an HP LX850 prior to the Uvistar Pro8 installation, the new machine, and Fujifilm’s support, is allowing Mezographic to focus on its unique offering.

    “There are always challenges in supplier-customer relationships because there is no one size fits all in equipment service,” he says. We are a very different kind of shop in that we experience massive peaks in demand due to the nature of our customer base. Overall, we have found Fujifilm to be very helpful, and they make the effort to understand our unique requirements.”