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  • Isn’t it rich – Fuji Xerox celebrates at the circus

    It’s been a while between massive parties in the printing industry as budgets come under pressure but last week’s Sydney launch of the Versant 2100 was a carnival of good times.

    They flew in from all over, more than 200 guests packing into the Fairground Follies, a cavernous hall in industrial St Peters filled with carnival rides, carousels, antique cars and nickelodeons. Acrobats and dancers pirouetted among the crowd of printers as the festivities got under way. Comedian Peter Rowsthorn, of Kath & Kim fame, kicked off the night with a few laughs, before Simon Lane, resplendent in top hat and spangled coat, officially welcomed the audience and launched the Versant 2100.

    It was a night of celebration, not only for Fuji Xerox, but for the printing industry that has had few occasions to feel confident and part of a sustainable technological future. The aura of success from Fuji Xerox, as market leader, was intoxicating and encouraging. There was no sense of a beleaguered industry at the Follies.

    Celebrating the early arrival of the Versant 2100, the company was able to invite its first buyers up onto the stage. They included printers from every state in the country. A Fuji Xerox spokesperson assured me the Versant 2100 will more than support the company’s number one market share into the future.

    The Versant 2100 is the first major new launch from Fuji Xerox since the Color 800/1000  in 2010. Its arrival heralds the start of a new wave of technology that is likely boost the uptake of digital machines across the industry.

    Apart for Fuji Xerox’s Versant, Konica Minolta is bringing the new bizhubPRESS to market next month and Canon also launched its imagePRESS C800 in July.  Ricoh is also promising to have a new offering in the so-called ‘digital lite’ production market later in the year.








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