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  • PDA introduces Vivex UV-LED roll-to-roll range

    Product Distribution Australia (PDA), is introducing the latest addition to its growing range of printing kit, the new Vivex UV-LED range of roll to roll printers.

    PDA’s Vivex 1900mm to 3200mm wide printers have already been heavily used in the Australian market for three years with the reliability of the printers and the Ricoh print heads.

    Now, the company’s new revolutionary UV-LED versions provide greater flexibility and performance that the company says represents a generational change in the Australian market.

    Acxcording to PDA, UV-LED is the new ‘black’ when it comes to UV-cured inkjet printing and this roll to roll UV-LED is a revolution that has not yet reached Australia.

    PDA says the new system is green and convenient. Liquid cooled UV-LED systems consume one seventh the power, last 20 times or more longer than others, turn on instantly, have no heat transfer to media, no VOCs, no ozone, no mercury, no glass to break and are quiet, when compared to UV Arc Lamps.

    You can have colour with white and clear configured for processing in the same passes and, suddenly, you have a roll to roll printer with most or even more capabilities than UV flatbeds and hybrids.

    The new range has super print quality at a rate of 26 square metres per hour and higher, and outdoor durability that requires no laminating. Print white, clear and colour combinations in ways that are only limited by imagination, at speeds greater than most others.

    As part of the release promotion PDA is offering exceptional pricing, factory backed discounts and extended warranties for orders placed before June 30 2013.

    For additional information please call Warren Davey 0467 528 356 or Keith Scott 0408 363 932
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