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  • Waratah donates more than $60,000 in print

    ‘Close to a lot of people’s hearts’: Ayda Hornak, Waratah Group.

    Waratah Group will provide print and labour worth more than $60,000 to the Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) for the upcoming Field of Women event, to be held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

    Held every four years, Field of Women sees thousands of people form the BCNA ‘Pink Lady’ on the field at the MCG. In 2018, Waratah Group will deliver all of the campaign’s print needs for both pre-promotion and the day of the event itself, as well as picking and packing of the 15,000 gift bags given to ticketholders, at no cost to BCNA. Ayda Hornak, head of sales and marketing at Waratah, estimates the total value to be between $60,000 and $70,000, and says the partnership was a perfect fit for the company. “I’ve had breast cancer myself, and BCNA was a support base for me when I was going through it. There are a number of people here who’ve been affected by breast cancer, so it was a charity that was close to a lot of people’s hearts.

    “With our shareholders Steve Kernahan and Craig Bradley both being Hall of Famers – pretty much AFL royalty – it made sense to hook up with an event they were familiar with, so they were both happy to be part of it and support it. There’s a lot of correlation between BCNA and Waratah, from football to personal experiences,” she said.

    Packing of gift bags for Field of Women at Waratah Brand Services in Broadmeadows.

    Carmen Mullenger, BCNA.

    BCNA provides care and support to the estimated 50 Australians per day who are diagnosed with breast cancer, and the families that are affected. According to Carmen Mullenger, project manager at BCNA, having the event’s printing costs completely covered has freed up money that otherwise would have gone to covering overhead. “Waratah’s support enables 100 percent of our ticket sale revenue to flow through to provide those services. They’re one of the many partners that have contributed to enable that to happen,” she said. “We couldn’t do it without that kind of support.”

    Field of Women will be held at the MCG on Sunday, August 12. For more information, visit

  • Waratah consolidates its bulk mailing business

    (L-R) Steve Kernahan, Ayda Hornak, Craig Bradley, and Brett Chalmers, Waratah.

    Melbourne brand communications powerhouse Waratah Group has moved its mailing business Direct Communications from Preston into its headquarters in Port Melbourne as it focuses on the direct bulk mailing market.

    All 20 staff members and the entire machinery lineup from Preston have now been fully integrated into Waratah’s facility at Lorimer St, Port Melbourne, boosting total staff numbers at the facility to over 140.

    “It just made perfect sense,” says Ayda Hornak, head of sales and marketing, Waratah Group. “Having the Direct Communications operation here allows them to access other digital presses that we have here on the floor at Lorimer St and with the Océ VarioPrint i300 coming across from Preston, we’re now able to utilize that machine for other customers.

    “The driving force behind the idea was to consolidate the business from a production sense and integrate the mail and print businesses so we can seamlessly deliver both mail and print to customers in one easy transition,” said Hornak.

    Waratah’s Océ VarioPrint i300 digital press.

    “At first, we were a little concerned because it was a huge move but the transition has been fantastic and now that everything’s under one roof, the processes are much easier and more accessible for customers.”

    Waratah Group co-owner Brett Chalmers says the synergies of the plan were undeniable. “There are huge savings to be had from having everything in the one building. We’re better able to control workflow and increase our speed to market,” he said.

    “We planned this move out very carefully over some time, with a lot of staff meetings and conferences, and the transition has been seamless. The staff have been brilliant.”

    The company is now considering investing in new inserting equipment to boost capacity of its bulk mail business, which boasts major clients including BMW, Spotlight, World Vision and Anaconda.