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  • ZAC brings new intelligence to plate processing

     In its new partnership with Heidelberg to supply plates, Fujifilm is promoting the benefits of ZAC technology, its award-winning advanced plate processing solution.

    The ZAC automated controller technology provides optimised processing quality using intelligent developer replenishment for the widely-used plate processors manufactured by Glunz & Jensen and Heights UK. The result is a significant reduction in the volume of chemistry and water used, which also reduces the environmental impact. According to Steve Peck, Fujifilm Graphics marketing manager, maintenance requirements are reduced which leaves staff free to complete other tasks. The ZAC processor can achieve up to an 80 per cent reduction in chemistry by identifying only the areas on the plate that actually need processing and by constantly measuring the bath conductivity.

    “The intelligence of the ZAC system means there is hardly any need for operator intervention, in fact the whole system once installed “looks after itself. This is what some of our customers are saying. Plates are produced consistently, without effort and quality is maintained,” said Peck.

    The low-chemistry ZAC processing solution will typically use 294 litres of chemistry to process 10,000 B1 plates during a 1-3 month period compared to what might be 534 litres for a typical chemistry-free processor and 1,908 litres for the same amount in a typical thermal CTP processor.

    A ZAC system also has another major advantage. “Bath life is significantly extended resulting in maintenance reducing to less than half the time of many other processors. This means maintenance might be carried out only four times a year which is a massive saving in labour and wasted time for businesses, which these days are trying to achieve more with less staff,” said Peck

    Fujifilm has, of course, just signed a major plate distribution agreement with Heidelberg, which will become the sole distributor for printing plate products in Australia and New Zealand for the sheet offset market from 1st July 2014.

    “We want to alert printers," Steve Peck.

    “We want to alert printers, who may not have been using Fujifilm plates, to our consistent and high quality plate production when combined with a Fujifilm ZAC intelligent processing solution. They will achieve savings in both time and money,” said Peck.

    The Fujifilm ZAC processor – or a ZAC field upgrade to an existing compatible processor – can complement many different thermal CtP systems, not just the Fujifilm Luxel series and the Heidelberg Suprasetter range, and can be used with the full range of Fujifilm Brillia thermal plates.

    “At the end of the day printers want to know that their plates will give them the quality the market demands, the consistency they demand, and preferably in the easiest and least expensive way possible. Fujifilm plates combined with a ZAC processor can provide this,” said Peck.

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