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Tariffs on office papers dumped in Australia

Wednesday, 17 April 2019
By Wayne Robinson

Dumping: undercut Australian Paper brands such as Reflex

Finnish, Russian, Korean and Slovakian exporters of A4 copy paper into Australia will be slugged with import duties, after they were found to have been selling dumped paper into Australia.

The federal minster for Industry, Science & Technology has accepted the Anti-Dumping Commission’s (ADC) final recommendations on the subject, which were to impose tariffs.

Australia’s only local office paper manufacturer has welcomed the decision, Peter Williams, COO of Australian Paper said, “We thank the ADC for its commitment in conducting a rigorous investigation into the dumping of A4 copy paper into the Australian market, and the minister for accepting these recommendations.

“By imposing dumping duties on imports from these four countries under investigation, the ADC has confirmed the ongoing threat of damage to local manufacturing from dumped copy paper.

“The Australian copy paper market has been impacted for a number of years by the importation of dumped product that not only puts Australian jobs at risk but brings into question the social responsibility of parties engaged in this activity.

“The ADC’s findings are an opportunity to restore fairness to the market enabling Australian Paper’s continued investment in the future of Latrobe Valley manufacturing.”

Williams added that industry and the ADC must continue to keep a close eye on imports coming into Australia to ensure dumping measures are not circumvented, so allowing copy paper to enter the market below the injurious pricing level.

“Given the prevalence of this activity in recent years, the ADC should remain ready to investigate and take appropriate action to maintain fair competition in the Australian market. Importers should also be discouraged from sourcing copy paper from new countries willing to sell into our market at dumped prices.

“Australian Paper will continue to monitor the Australian market into the future to secure the paper manufacturing industry and local jobs. We encourage consumers to consider the country of origin and the damage caused by imports sold into our market at dumped prices when buying paper,” said Williams.

Australian Paper supports 5,700 jobs through its operations in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, where it has been established for 80 years, and is one of the region’s leading employers.

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