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Tender of the week: Provision of public affairs, communications and graphic design services.

Thursday, 21 September 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

Description: DOTARS is establishing a panel of firms to provide communication and related services where sufficient capacity or specialist expertise is not available in house.

The Department requires organisations to have experience in at least one of the seven service requirements:

1. Communications/market research;

2. public relations;

3. writing and editing;

4. indexing;

5. graphic design;

6. website production; and

7. multi media production.

The Department reserves the right to enter in standing offer arrangements with multiple providers to provide the services set out in this RFT. Tenderers may tender for one, some or all of the seven (7) Service Requirements identified.

Tenders must specifically indicate which of the seven Service Requirements they are tendering for, and, if the tenderer is tendering for more than one Service Requirement, indicate the effect, if any, on their tender if they are only awarded a contract in respect of one Service Requirement.

Tenderers should note that the information they are required to provide to the Department will vary depending on the Service Requirements they are tendering for.

The Department is seeking to enter into an agreement of three years, with two, one year options which may be exercised at the total discretion of the Department.

As a minimum, the Department requires tenderers to comply with the minimum content and format of submissions requirements (if any) and conditions of participation (if any).

An industry briefing will be held in approximately two weeks time at 111 Alinga Street, Civic, ACT. Details, including the date and time, will be announced via addendum on Austender.

All general inquiries concerning the RFT must be directed in writing to the Project Manager via email at:




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