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The block stops for digital print

Tuesday, 30 August 2011
By Print 21 Online Article

Theo Pettaras shut down Devonshire Street, Surry Hills last weekend to forklift his new NexPress into Digtalpress.

It took six hours to remove the old press from the premises. It was wrapped, palletized, pushed and pulled through the street-side double doors to make room for the new NexPress PhotoSX3300.

According to owner Theo Pettaras, the company has made a clean sweep of its production capability with brand new machines pulling the quality of print forward.” The new press gives us a great competitive advantage and allows us to offer a strong point of difference. What we’ve seen come out of the NexPress is truly amazing. We thought we were printing quality work before, but this has raised it to a completely new level.

“Despite the fact that we had a Kodak press already, it didn’t necessarily mean we would return to that brand. We did a very strong due diligence with what was available. After that we felt comfortable that going again with Kodak was the right decision.

“My mind was made up for NexPress around a week before the purchase at PrintEx. We feel very confident that we can produce the best in class print quality with this machine,” he says.

Assisting the Digitalpress team install the new press is Kodak specialist Karl Heinz-Lorenz. Sent over from Germany for the week installation to tweak the printer to optimal capability and precision levelling.

Pictured: Digitalpress team – Nick Pettaras, Ehab Kamel, Karl Baker, Dean Ferguson, Kristian Whitfield, Stacy Masiruw, Jackie Connor, Karl Heinz-Lorenz (from Kodak Germany), Paul O’Neill, Harley Economou, Kassandra Pettaras, Theo Pettaras.

Pettaras says the PhotoSX3300 is such new technology; companies need someone like Karl to come over and set it all up.

The production floor has been rearranged to accommodate the new equipment, planned to suit the new workflow. The print shop also installed a Ferrostaal Morgana DigiFold and a GBC Duplo saddle-stitcher to keep up with the faster print output.

“Installation of the new finishing equipment was important to keep up with the speed of the Nexpress. Our business grew too much to accommodate the speed of the saddle-stitcher that we had, and the DigiFold allows us to finish our work four times faster than before,” he added.

Pictured: Removal and installation of Kodak NexPresses on a blocked off Devonshire Street, Surry Hills.



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