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Courageous women of packaging

Tuesday, 04 August 2015
By Print 21 Online Article

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) has launched a mentoring program designed for women in the packaging industry.

My Mentor Courageous Women is a 12-week program designed by AIP in collaboration with coaching group Emberin and is aimed at women either starting their career or already working in the food, beverage, manufacturing and packaging industries.

The program provides mentoring in a number of formats and requires no attendance at offsite workshops. Creator Maureen Frank will mentor participants on CDs while industry leaders share their lessons, advice and stories on DVDs.

Emberin has mentored almost 20,000 women with its My Mentor programs, according to a joint Emberin/AIP press release:

The My Mentor program is based on global research: the areas of focus that women need to hone. It is packed with practical tips, strategies and actions you can implement.  It is the practical ‘how to’ guide for your career success.  The My Mentor program results are measurable and we have seen some phenomenal results: high promotion rates; increased engagement; higher performance scores; movement across divisions – and many heartfelt personal challenges conquered!

This is how it works: 1. Sign up for the program. 2. Receive your copy of My Mentor Courageous Woman. 3. Program launch (webinar). 4. Fortnightly webinars – where you can participate and share your story. 5. Connection with an industry ‘peer group’. 6. LinkedIn Group for all participants to connect and network with each other.

Registrations are now open for the 2015 program and an Early Bird offer closes on Friday August 28, 2015, while all registrations close by September 10.  The cost is $750 per person plus GST and P&H.   Early bird registrations are $650 per person plus GST and P&H. For further information please call the AIP on +61 07 3278 4490

The program is supported by the Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association (APPMA), the Label and Tag Manufacturers Association of Australia (LATMA) and the Packaging Council of New Zealand (PAC.NZ).



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