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THE CoatLiner460ex Laminator

Monday, 13 November 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

The CoatLiner460ex Laminator uses a revolutionary new method for laminating inkjet prints. The acrylic-based Thermal Transfer Sealing (TTS) process surpasses conventional methods of laminating by establishing an advanced pressure and heat fusing system that both shields the laminated material from developing air pockets and optically improves the colour of printed images.

Instead of simply laying down a plastic sheet of laminate on top of the substrate, the CoatLiner460ex TTS melts acrylic crystals into the surface to form an indissoluble laminated protective shield that is resistant to water and ultra violet light. Ideal for all types of point-of-display posters, it is not only completely weather resistant but retains its suppleness, allowing the poster to be rolled up without cracking or separation of the laminate.

First introduced by CyraChrome at last month’s Image Expo in Sydney, the CoatLiner460ex TTS is easy to operate, is user friendly, allowing the operator to easily perform all basic operational tasks. This system is ideal for service bureau outlets that usually outsource lamination technology.

“When we first showed the CoatLiner460ex on our stand at Fox Studios it generated a lot of interest. It is a new and better method of adding value to inkjet printing, ensuring the laminate does not lift, crack, bubble or become stiff with age.
It is also very competitively priced, while delivering a much better result,” said Andy McCourt, Business Development manager of CyraChrome.

The TTS Handles print jobs from any large format printer and supports standard size print out of GA printers: 42 inches
(A0) + register marks
In addition the CoatLiner460ex can also perform conventional laminating over a range of film and media combinations. Gloss and matt finishes are achieved on a broad range of paper and PET-based inkjet media.

CoatLiner460ex is an industrial strength laminator constructed to the highest manufacturing standards by Nagano JRC, one of Japan’s largest computer and electronics companies.

For more information contact Andy McCourt of CyraChrome at

Phone: (02) 94208188

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