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The Rabbi and the Goat

Wednesday, 31 August 2011
By Print 21 Online Article

After Alon Bar Shany

A guy goes along to his Rabbi.
“Rabbi, you have to help me. I’m going crazy, my wife is nagging me all the time, I’ve got seven kids and the house is too small and now my mother-in-law is coming to live with us. What can I do?”
The Rabbi thinks, scratches his beard.
“Go home and buy a goat. Keep it in the house and come back to see me in a week,” he advises.
The guy goes, buys a goat and brings it home.
Seven days later he’s back with the Rabbi.
“Rabbi, this is crazy. You may be a very wise man but the advice about the goat! It’s driving me nuts, it’s all over the place, butting the kids, eating the furniture, biting my mother-in-law. It’s chaos. What can I do?”
Rabbi considers again.
“OK, go home and sell the goat and come back to me in a week.”
Guy goes home, sells the goat and seven days later he’s back.
“So, how is it?” asks the Rabbi.
“Oh, Rabbi, it’s great. Everything has calmed down, the kids are back to normal, my wife is talking to me again. Even my mother-in-law is not complaining.”

Moral of the story … if you think things can’t get worse, buy a goat!

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