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Time to fight back in eco war: PrintNZ conference

Thursday, 14 October 2010
By Print 21 Online Article

It’s not enough to just be a green printer – you need to fight back against lobby groups, according to environmental expert, Phil Lawrence.

Delivering a keynote lean and green-themed address, Lawrence, called on printers everywhere to promote the industry’s strengths. "The print industry has to get smarter," he said. "Just rolling over and going to get a new certification is not enough. You have to develop your arguments and win the eco war."

According to Lawrence, print and paper have reduced in carbon footprint by as much as 90 per cent since the Kyoto base year. He pointed to research from Norway which suggestes the figure could possibly be as high as 95 per cent, owing to advances in technology like CtP.

"No other industry in the world is anywhere that good," he said.

Continuing on the theme of ‘lean’, consultant, Clinton Yeats (pictured), warned that 70 per cent of work processes could involve waste activities. He encouraged printers to think "lean".

"Lean is an evolution, not a revolution," he said. "It has to become part of a company’s DNA."

Yeats also suggested that companies focus on the process flow, looking at everything from product development to operations to the supply chain and gain input from everyone within the business.

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