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Training is key to improving staff skills says Printing Industries

Wednesday, 29 August 2007
By Print 21 Online Article
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Adin Coup, NSW training and allied associations administrator, Printing Industries is on a mission to encourage employers that a trained workforce is a valuable workforce.

"We don’t hesitate to maintain or upgrade our machinery, update software programmes, constantly look to new technology to remain competitive and minimise wastage. We implement OHS systems and procedures to reduce accidents and minimise down-time," he said.

"So why not apply this same management process to the other major asset in your business – your staff. For significantly less than companies spend on their machinery, they can show their staff that they are valued at least as much as the machinery.

"As everyone knows, good reliable staff are hard to get, so maintaining them with the same commitment shown to machinery and other assets is certainly backing a winner".

Coup said relevant and regular training could ensure reliability, efficiency, cost effectiveness, loyalty and commitment from employees.

"That’s why we have introduced a range of courses, many of which are free via government subsidies," he said.

With certificate and diploma courses eligible for government funding, printing employees that meet the criteria are now able to train for free in areas such as:
    •     Frontline Management
    •     Lean Manufacturing
    •     Business
    •     Warehousing

 Other recently introduced or upgraded courses include:
    •     Colour Management
    •     Print Production Management
    •     Print Awareness and
    •     Print Sales

For more information, contact Adin Coup at Printing Industries 02 8789 7300 or visit for more details.

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