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Training trials makes use of federal funding

Thursday, 23 November 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

Printing Industries wants participation from four businesses that are willing to trial a new and innovative training program, which the organisation is billing as a significant step forward in addressing skill shortages in the industry. The program will involve the use of employee upskilling strategies that will later be turned into industry case studies.

Robert Fuller, national operations manager for Printing Industries, says initiative makes for an exciting new development and he expects businesses to be scrambling to get onboard.

“Through Printing Industries peak body status, and as a direct result of our lobbying over the skills issues within our industry, we have received Federal Government funding to trial new training initiatives which could assist our industry to redress some of these issues,” he says.

An industry led steering committee will manage the project, which must be completed by August 2007. It builds on previous Printing Industries research identifying key skill gaps and shortages, especially in areas relating to the introduction of new technologies and other non-traditional work. “The Project will use the key skills gaps and shortages identified as the focus of four case studies with four separate employers,” says Mr. Fuller.

The four businesses selected for the trial will receive:

  • free skills audits of their existing workforce
  • a skills-needs analysis to identify those areas of shortage and skills improvements that will assist both the business and the industry
  • program implementation assistance and mentoring of the agreed innovative trial at their enterprise.

    The program will include an investigation of what is impeding the business and the solutions necessary to create options in support of developing a nationally consistent, industry-led vocational education and training system.

    For businesses wanting to be involved in trialling something fresh and innovative in the training arena and if you are prepared to commit to testing these ideas in your business, under the direction and guidance of our Steering Committee, then call Robert Fuller, general manager of Printing Industries NSW on 1800 227 425 or Adin Coup on (02) 8789 7300.

    This offer is extended to all businesses Australia Wide, however for practical and logistical purposes Printing Industries anticipates that all respondents will come from NSW. Expressions of interest must be received by 30 November 2006 and the four firms will then be selected and notified by 8 December 2006, with initial scoping and planning concluded before the year’s end to allow for a January 2007 start. The project is in conjunction with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI).

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