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Trendsetting Upgrades To Brand New Xerox DocuColor 6060

Monday, 05 February 2007
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In order to cope with increased capacity and meet the demands for shorter and shorter print runs, Trendsetting – one of the ACT’s leading print-on-demand commercial printers – has upgraded its DocuColor 2060 to a Xerox DocuColor 6060.
Owned by Directors Andrew Hingeley, (pictured right) Kay Hingeley and Jill Howell, Trendsetting is based in Fyshwick, from where they serve their customer base located throughout the ACT.

According to Andrew, the company is well-renowned for “moving with the times” and “setting trends”. In fact, Trendsetting started out as a typesetting company back in 1990 and has completely transformed itself to a print-on-demand commercial print company.

“Trendsetting has always had a strong reputation for being innovative and keeping its finger on the pulse with regard to new technology and changes in the industry,” said Hingeley.

“In the ACT, we were one of the first to have an A1 imagesetter, then the first to have a DocuColor 2060 and now the first to install a new DocuColor 6060 from Fuji Xerox Australia.”

Trendsetting installed the DocuColor 2060 back in 2001 after being impressed by its print quality. The company is now amongst one of the leading DocuColor users in Australia, printing significant volumes every month. With the demand for digital print on the increase, Trendsetting, had to decide whether to invest in another DocuColor 2060 or upgrade to the new DocuColor 6060. After seeing the latter in action, Hingeley said it was a fairly easy decision.

“Ideally, we would like Trendsetting to operate as a two-shift business in the near future and the DocuColor 6060 is a vehicle that will allow us to achieve that goal,” continued Hingeley.

The DocuColor 6060 is not only being used to print jobs for Trendsetting’s 1000-plus client base, it is also acting as a proofing device for offset.

The DocuColor 6060: The Total Solution

According to Hingeley, some of the key selling points of the DocuColor 6060 are its fantastic reliability, the ability to print onto heavier paper stocks as well as the user-replaceable components – allowing staff at Trendsetting to change the parts of the high-powered digital printer themselves.

“The speed of the DocuColor 6060 is unbelievable and will speed up production here at Trendsetting by about 50 per cent,” added Hingeley.

Hingeley added that the DocuColor 6060 will enable Trendsetting to extend its variable data offerings and will allow the company to introduce an ebusiness service to its clients with greater ease.

“The advanced technology of the DocuColor 6060 really signifies that digital print technology has matured, the reliability of the technology has dramatically increased and service costs are rapidly reducing, which are all business benefits that we can pass on to our customers.”

“Trendsetting has established itself as a leading digital print supplier over a number of years and will undoubtedly deliver the very best quality products with the new DocuColor 6060,” added Fuji Xerox Australia’s Production Colour Marketing Manager Henryk Kraszewski.

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