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US print industry mag folds after 128-years

Wednesday, 24 August 2011
By Print21

Penton Media’s American Printer magazine has published its last edition after a century in print, there won’t be a September issue.

According to editor-in-chief, Katherine O’Brien, parent company Penton “stuck with us through some mighty lean months, but ultimately, there was no foreseeable model to achieve profitability."

Every month the trade publication featured management, press, prepress and postpress articles as well as industry news and new products. Covering effective implementation of technology and techniques for US commercial printers.

O’Brien provides a footnote detailing the publication’s history in her farewell letter:

  • Published under the auspices of Henry O. Shepard’s printing company, Inland Printer debuted in October 1883. A few years later, Shepard created the Inland Printer Co to keep his printing plant and publishing activities separate. In addition to publishing the magazine, the Inland Printer Co produced technical books for the trade and operated the Inland Printer Technical School.
  • Reeling from the Great Depression, the Inland Printer sold the magazine to Tradepress Publishing Corp in 1941.
  • In 1945, Maclean-Hunter Publishing Corp acquired Inland Printer.
  • In November 1958, Maclean Hunter acquired a New York-based publication, originally called The American Printer. In deference to the rapid growth of the offset lithographic industry, the magazine had changed its name to The American Lithographer. The combined Maclean Hunter publications became The Inland and American Printer and Lithographer.
  • In 1961, the magazine was renamed Inland Printer/American Lithographer. Several other variations ensued.
  • In January 1979, the title changed to American Printer and Lithographer and was subsequently shortened to American Printer and in January 1982.
  • As of September 2011, American Printer ceased publication.

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