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Variety Bash Car 15 report – day 3

Wednesday, 24 August 2011
By Print21

Auto-mechanical difficulties left Car 15 stuck atop Cradle Mountain for two hours today, as the gear lever fell out when the team stopped to take a photo.

According to Currie’s Phillip Rennell, the mobile repair crew that trails behind the racers managed to get the car operational again within two hours. “Confidence in car 15 is still there, just not as high as it once was. This is not one of the things we expected to go wrong.”

Variety Bash racers departed in Devon Port at 6am today after a calm overnight boat trip across the Bass Strait. Print trio Rennell, Peddlesden and Benjamin followed the rally up the mountain before the problem arose.

“We have now come back down and on our way across the very north west of Tasmania. Before the sun goes down completely we should arrive at a town called Stanley.”

Canon Finance has come to Car 15s aid with a $1,000 donation, carrying the team to its $25K target on the third race day.

“We will continue to raise money as we go, as another $300 came in as small donations,” he added.

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