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Variety Bash Car 15 report – day 5 to 8

Monday, 29 August 2011
By Print 21 Online Article

Patchy mobile service caught the team out of communication range over the weekend as their fundraising efforts take them over $31K.

According to Currie’s Phillip Rennell, the team will keep raising funds for the children’s charity until the end of the Bash.

“We had a very eventful trek down the west coast from Smithton to Strahan on Friday. There was a lot of slipping and sliding on the dirt roads; it was pretty hairy for a lot of the way.

“The guys took the car around Strahan on Saturday for a bit of local touring and arrived in Hobart on Sunday afternoon.

“Today we have been around the southeast coast of Tasmania, leaving Hobart via Kingston and Oyster Cove. We went into the Tahune rainforest for the airwalk, and came back into the Hobart at 5pm via the Mt Nelson lookout.

Car 15 has been running stable since its last bout of mechanical hiccups, but fatigue has set into the crew.

“Our bodies are coping from the challenges posed by a lot of driving and a reasonable amount of drinking. Fatigue set in about the fifth day, but we are now all feeling better this afternoon after the rest stop at Hobart’s Wrest Point casino.”

Click here to donate to the cause, and you can follow the team’s progress on Facebook so updates can be followed.

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