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Veris Proofer – Digital contract proofing system

Monday, 19 February 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

Quality, Repeatability, Predictability
Introducing the Creo Veris™ Proofer, a breakthrough in proofing technology, providing high-resolution contone proofs that set a new standard for inkjet proofing quality. Based on Creo-developed Multi-Drop Array inkjet technology, the Veris proofer produces a controlled stream of precisely-formed, precisely-placed dots at 1500 x 1500 dpi, for high-quality, repeatable proofs that are accurate predictors of the final printed job. The Veris proofer redefines the state of the art in image quality, repeatability and predictability, especially when compared to other, less-sophisticated inkjet technologies that use larger, less precisely-placed drops of ink on paper.

The Creo Veris™ Proofer

The Certified Proofing Process, your customer’s assurance of proofing accuracy
For any printer, the core of proofing is customer confidence. The Veris proofer ensures customer confidence with the Certified Proofing Process. Every time the Veris proofer prints a proof,it checks that the system has been calibrated recently, and that the correct calibration has been selected. It verifies that the correct ICC profile was selected, and it checks that the proof was printed with genuine Iris media and inks from Creo. If all these conditions are met, the Certified Proofing Process logo is printed on the proof, for visible customer assurance of the quality-controlled proofing process.

Easy connectivity to the prepress workflow
The Veris proofer is integrated with Networked Graphic Production, a Creo initiative that streamlines the print production cycle for better communication, improved product management, and reduced errors. Veris proofs can be produced from Prinergy® or Brisque™ workflows, from third-party workflows, or Macintosh® and Windows® desktop computers.

The Creo Veris™ Proofer will be released later this year

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