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Versant 2100 Press a hit with customers

Tuesday, 26 May 2015
By Print 21 Online Article
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The high-speed Versant 2100 Press from Fuji Xerox helped to transform operations at Brisbane-based The Print Group.

“There’s an enormous time-saving, people love the quality and the Versant has definitely opened up new markets for us,” Robert Churchley, Print Group chairman, told Print21.

Robert Churchley, The Print Group

“Customers love the quicker turnaround and really notice the improved color consistency and the finishing options, which are fantastic.  It was a big decision to purchase the Versant 2100 in October 2014 but sometimes you just have to jump in and six months later we’re very happy with the result.  We’ve getting through the work quicker, much faster than previously, and it’s not as labor intensive so it’s taken off a lot of pressure.  I would definitely recommend it to others.”

Fuji Xerox Australia says the Versant 2100 Press and Versant 80 Press have notched up 218 installations since launch in 2014.  Earlier this year, the Versant range won the 2015 Technology Prize awarded by the Japanese Society of Printing Science and Technology for its technology that transports lightweight paper through the toner transfer area in its colour-on-demand publishing systems.

“The Versant series promotes more results for better business performance,” said Jay Dayley, Solutions Marketing Manager, Hardware, Fuji Xerox Australia. “Buyers are able to expand their opportunities and realise potential with this device. The reliability and increased automation behind Versant presses allows businesses to focus more on management of the organisation rather than manufacturing. With the Versant presses, customer satisfaction is easier to achieve with higher quality requirements and increased speed to meet the urgent nature of jobs.”


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