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visa stance draws fire

Thursday, 15 February 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

Having just read the article: Green light for temporary visas on the Printing Industries’ position on migrant workers, it has reinforced the fact that the industry has lost touch with the members who have afforded them a nice living, thank-you very much.

It has been evident for some time that the body has been influenced by the interests of larger organisations, the ever-increasing consolidation, and the declining influence of the small printer and backbone of the printing industry in this country. To pander to the top end of town with woeful decisions on China and this is the final straw as far as our company is concerned.

To espouse no minimum wage for workers is plainly not in the best interests of the worker that will be receiving a working poor wage and the downward pressure that will place on current wages. Customers will then put pressure on for passing on the savings and further pressure will come back on wages to maintain profit.

Sound familiar? Economic rationalists should burn in hell!

This is not a flea market. We produce quality product at a more than competitive price and the consumer should be made aware of this fact by our governing body. Instead we have a bunch of nodding heads relaying the rationalist perspective on labour market reform and moral bankruptcy in a global market.

In short, after many years association Print’n’Run will not be renewing its membership with the PIA!


Matt Handley
Print’n’Run – All Imaging Solutions
Crows Nest, NSW.

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