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Waratah hits ATO wind-up for six

Wednesday, 24 April 2019
By Wayne Robinson

Wind-up due to anomaly: Brett Chalmers, COO Waratah Group

Melbourne’s biggest printer Waratah Group says the ATO-issued winding up order against it is due to an anomaly, and the outstanding amount will be paid on May 3.

Speaking to Print21 today Waratah Group chief operating officer Brett Chalmers said, “The order came through an anomaly that we didn’t deal with. The matter will be resolved and paid in full on the court date in two weeks time.”

In a statement Waratah Group says it acknowledges an outstanding bill with the ATO. It says “In conjunction with our solicitors the management of Waratah have been in discussions with the ATO to resolve the issue at hand.  We are pleased to report that the issue has been dealt with resulting in a positive outcome for both Waratah and the ATO. Business as usual at Waratah.”

However the company is looking to move from its Port Melbourne super-site. It says, “We are working with the support of our landlord to relocate Waratah to more suitable location. The primary driver for the move is to consolidate all our services under the one roof. We are committed to provide the best possible service to our clients at the most competitive market rates.”  

Waratah management has started the process of looking for suitable locations but have not decided on anything as yet. It says, “There are many factors to consider, most importantly ensuring we can accommodate for our staff.”

Waratah Group is one of the most dynamic print businesses in the country, the last few years have seen the company invest in both leading-edge technology and in acquisitions, most recently Pumpkin Digital.

Chambers is one of the five owners of the company, along with brothers Moody Aboughattas and Abbey Aboughattas, together with Steve Kernahan and Craig Bradley.

The past year has seen a rebranding and restructuring of the business, now known as Waratah Group.

No Responses to “Waratah hits ATO wind-up for six”

  1. April 20, 2019 at 7:43 am,


    If these guys owe you money, just remember this is exactly what happened the Standard Publishing.

    A “missed” tax bill, nothing to see here, business as usual and then they got locked out by their “very supportive” landlord over bills they had also just “missed” – as you do with your rent.

    And you know, nothing helps the cash position of a company like moving a few million dollars worth of printing equipment around.

    I am also sure that all five owners are very amicably discussing the current situation and have come up with a united plan on how to move forward. Everyone knows having five owners is the key to success in printing and we’re about to see the benefits of the model in action.

  2. April 24, 2019 at 6:58 pm,


    Love your work banksy- it happens here in the west too, while we pay all our commitments and tax bills on time, others don’t share our business ethics.

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