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Webstar makes a move on Melbourne

Thursday, 16 August 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

Since opening on 9 August, the business has attracted a steady flow of customers, according to Troy Hoffman, who is responsible for running the one-man show.

“So far it’s all going magnificently; there’s been a good response from the marketplace,” he said. “There’s always a bit of hesitancy because we were based in Sydney but customers have embraced it.”

Having a Victorian presence is a natural step of progression for Webstar, said Noel Rogers, CEO, who believes that the company can only benefit from this expansion.

“An important part of our offer is a high touch and seamless partnership with our clients and this move will enable us to extend our success in Sydney to Victoria,” he said. “The Melbourne market represents some exceptional opportunities and due to our previous geographical gap it has been difficult to provide out full range of services.”

“This move represents a strong, strategic and long-term commitment to Victoria and the expansion has been well planned to create the best results for both the customer and our company moving forward.”

Having worked at Offset Alpine for nine years in a similar role as a business development manager, Hoffman is confident of the Melbourne office’s success and enjoys the autonomy that the position allows him.

“With the way technology is these days it’s not an issue to work alone,” he said.

He may not be alone for long. Hoffman admits that Webstar do have plans for more staff to join Melbourne in the future. “It’s definitely part of the plan but for now we’re just focussing on developing the market,” he said.

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