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What customers want: another Quote & Print success story

Monday, 06 August 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

Quote & Print New Zealand vendor Rob Taylor recounts how a simple follow-up phone call paid off.

A year ago, Tracey Phizackerly knew that she badly needed an integrated MIS that would work for her rapidly growing promotional printing business.

Recently, she had acquired three printing companies and merged them under one roof. She now had the technology and the staff to take on the market, but her systems were letting her down, as none of those she had acquired could “talk” to each other.

“It was ridiculous”, she says, “we could do high-quality printing onto almost any substrate, be it textile, glass, plastic or golf balls, but we were writing out art approvals by hand. We might have shipped 500 units but only invoiced 50, and we’d probably never even know. Also, we weren’t just double-handling our customer data, we were triple-handling it! Overall, we were wasting time and getting too stressed as the business grew – I knew there had to be a better way.”

Tracey invited four MIS vendors in to consider her specialised requirements; “They all said that they’d go away and think about it, but I only ever heard back from one of them, and that was Quote & Print.”

The Q&P distributor in New Zealand, Taylored Systems, had arranged for modifications to an existing digital quoting module that, with a few further tweaks, is now the mainstay of Tracey’s business, PSI Ltd.

“It’s just great”, says Tracey, “we’ve not only got good-looking quote letters and proofing sheets to email to our customers, but we capture all their information and use it for personalised email direct marketing, individualised pricing, loyalty programmes, and Service Level Agreements.

I like the fact that I can leave the office, yet know that everything done in my absence will still conform to our policies and procedures. Our image is also much more professional and high-tech, which counts for a lot with our Generation Y customers.”

Tracey’s new vision is for an online system that will tie her customers ever more closely to her company: “Once we have that in place, pricing becomes a secondary issue,” she says. “Overall, I have to say that Q&P has become the hub that the entire company now revolves around. It’s taken me quite a bit of work to get it exactly the way I want it, but I have absolutely no regrets.”

For further information, contact: Taylored Systems Ltd, 0274-95-4848 or Tracey Phizackerly, 09-636-4851 / 021-625-100

Pictured, left to right: Connie Leat (production manager), Tracey Phizackerly (managing director) and Sandy Wilson (prepress manager).

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