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What is happening in the world of digitally printed newspapers? Andy McCourt update

Tuesday, 23 August 2011
By Print 21 Online Article

Australia’s newspaper industry cannot ignore digital production as overseas markets take advantage of remote printing, with the UK in the lead.

Currently there are no ANZ digital newspapers being produced in full colour, the worldwide total of known digital colour newspaper printing sites is just 13.

Speaking at a PANPA Forum production workshop, Andy McCourt forecasts the next 12 months will see the installation of high volume digital presses for newspapers. “Primarily for remote printing of shorter run newspapers. It’s a lot more flexible to digitally produce A4 magazines to tabloids all in one hit.

“The number of copies produced does not rely on linear speed alone, it also depends on web-width. If you digitally print two pages across the web your production has doubled, on most of the high volume digital inkjet you can get two tabloid pages across the web. The more pages across the web you print, the more you can produce,” he said.

The Poms are beating us as UK-based Miller Newsprint and Newsfax operate four digital newspaper presses with growth averages of 20 per cent in daily sales. Miller won the best digitally printed newspaper this year for its Malta print of The Sunday Times.

Depending on available circulation in an eight-hour shift, digital newspaper titles remotely printed can be read by an expat in another country the same day as local print.

Experimental digital personalised newspaper, Berlin-based Niiu, has ceased publication. Citing unprofitability from not achieving the desired circulation, the business model put the reader in charge of editorial for next day delivery.

Known digital newspaper sites:

  • Malta                Miller Distributors, Kodak VL4200
  • Cyprus             Hellenic Miller, Kodak VL 4200
  • Cyprus             New site, Screen Truepress Jet 520Z
  • Spain               Aceirta + Pressprint, Kodak VL4200
  • Spain               Tenerife, Miller Distributors, Kodak VL4200 (Aug)
  • Spain               Imcodavila, Océ JS2200
  • UK                    Newsfax, Kodak VL6200
  • UK                   Stroma, Océ JS1000
  • Reunion Isl     RotOcéan, Kodak VL4200
  • Italy                 Rotomail, Kodak VL4200 (shared with DM)
  • Dubai              Atlas Printing, Screen Truepress Jet 520Z
  • New Zealand  PrintStop, Screen Truepress Jet 520Z (trials only)
  • Belgium          Symeta, Océ JS2200 (shared with DM)

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