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Winds of change – Cortes joins Currie Group

Friday, 18 August 2017
By Print 21 Online Article

Gil Cortes, Currie Group.

Gil Cortes has joined Currie Group in the newly created position of Scodix Product Specialist across Australia & New Zealand. Formerly the Latin American channel manager for a major digital brand based in Israel, Cortes started his new role in July, shortly after arriving in Melbourne from Mexico.

Cortes has worked with multinational financial firms, Venture Capital funds, technology companies as a Business Consultant and occupied technology positions throughout his 14 years of professional experience. Gil has a MBA in Financial Management and studied for two years at RMIT in 2004/2005 for his B.Sc. for Engineering in Computer Systems.

“I love it here and that’s the reason my wife and I wanted to come back. We had planned this for some time and we’ve made the leap and we’re very happy. My wife is now seven months pregnant and we’re expecting our son to arrive early in October,” he said.

Cortes has enjoyed a long relationship with Currie Group through his previous roles with several multinational print and graphic arts companies and says he’s eager to create a larger awareness of the Scodix brand in Australia and New Zealand, including the innovative Scodix Digital Enhancement Presses that add tangible dimensions to printed graphic communications. “I’d known Rob Dunnett, [CEO, Currie Group] and the Currie Group team for some time before I heard they were looking for a dedicated Scodix specialist. It is exciting that Currie Group believe in this segment and are making the investment to support Scodix customers in the region.

“The Scodix products take digital enhancement and embellishment to another level, adding texture to all kinds of printed and packaging products and making a lasting impression on the consumer,” says Cortes.

“Customisation is part of it but it’s all about the experience and the emotional connection for the customer. For instance, this technology can add things like very bright, crystal clear images of water drops to an image of a beer bottle to make it actually look and feel like a real bottle of beer.”

Cortes has just returned from a week in Israel to view the latest Scodix technology and says he’s eager to share the new options with Currie Group customers.

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