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World bookbinding patent from Melbourne start-up

Wednesday, 05 March 2008
By Print 21 Online Article
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Invention will allow small printers to compete with Chinese producers in the case-bound book market.

Three industry identities, Trevor Hone, Richard Rudzki, and inventor, Cliff Royle are gearing up to take on the global market with an innovative system that they claim will turn case-binding on its head.

“Put simply, Roylebind removes the high capital cost of case-making and casing-in equipment by supplying pre-formed laminated cases that can be printed and embellished and made into the final product using a perfect binding line,” says Richard Rudzki, former M.D. of The Bindery in Melbourne, who has been charged with bringing the technology to domestic and world markets. “The hard covers are manufactured on specially adapted folder-gluers either supplied by Roylebind or under licence wherever the demand dictates.”

The Roylebind method requires no endpapers, further reducing costs and is ideal for long or short-run hardcover titles that would either be unfeasible to produce by traditional methods, or would be produced in China where jobs can be consolidated and labour costs are very low. Text pages can be perfect or burst bound, section sewn or Wire-O.

“This technology really brings hardcover book production right back into the small-to-medium-sized print shop, but is attractive to the big book printers too because of its low cost,” claims Rudzki.  “In today’s digital book production world, Roylebind could also be the perfect partner to Océ, Canon, HP and Xerox digital book lines.”

The Roylebind system knocked out Trevor Hone of Avon Graphics when he first saw it. (Pictured centre with Richard Rudski (left) and inventor Cliff Royle) “I could see immediately the applications and synergies with my own company,” he says, “but like all great ideas, it needed protecting with patents and developing into a commercially-viable business model. This is now well underway and we are now ready to take the technology to the world market.”

Hone has backed his faith in Roylebind by taking a significant shareholding in the company, as well as its manufacturing arm, which will be known as The Royle Bindery. Recently, Avon Graphics took over Melbourne rival, Redback Finishing and Roylebind will be located at the Mount Waverley site. The facility will act as production centre for the pre-formed cases, as well as a beta site for manufacturing and further developing all the Roylebind products.

Inventor Cliff Royle, former owner of Shannon Books, is delighted that his brainchild will be commercialised globally; “Our plans are for international licensing of the patented process. After all these years of hard work it’s like a dream come true.”
He has worked on the invention for many years with seed R&D funding from the Federal Government’s COMET (Commercialising Emerging Technologies) grant scheme with the Victorian Government also providing innovation support.

For further information, please contact Richard Rudzki

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