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X-Rite 500 Series Special Offer

Monday, 13 August 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

Purchase one of the world’s only rugged, fast and spectrally accurate line of densitometers and get MonacoQCcolour, X-Rite’s proof evaluation and approval software for free!

Why the 500 Series?

X-Rite revolutionized densitometry with the first portable instruments, and the 500 Series is the industry standard in ruggedness. The targeting window pinpoints the measurement area, so you get the right measurement every time.
You can select from our three standard measuring areas, or use the microspot measuring area for smaller colour targets.

  • Pick-and-Measure Menu
    Depending on your model and its features, you can select density, dot, colour and other densitometry particulars from the menu and start measuring. It’s that easy to get accurate results. You can also let the instrument auto-pick the right function using Electronic Function Select. It will select density, dot or trap automatically based on the colour target you measure.
  • Feature Selection
    Go ahead. Select only the features you want to see on the main screen, and change them back again later. This can be helpful when instruments are used in multiple areas, or to make operation of the 500 easier for new users. Managers can even lock a set of selected features to prevent tampering.
  • Easy Upgrades
    Upgrade your existing 500 Series model to a higher model number as your needs change, maintaining the value of your investment. The upgrade process simply requires a custom keycode, which is available from ColoRite You can also add helpful accessories like polarization and UV exclusion or a battery charging station.
  • Unequaled Accuracy
    No ordinary densitometer can match the accuracy of X-Rite’s 500 Series models
    –the world’s only line of densitometers with an advanced spectral engine inside.
    Spectral data is the basis for standard colour and density values. You won’t find
    CIE colour capabilities in competitive densitometers.

    What’s more, X-Rite’s exclusive technology produces the highest level of inter-instrument agreement available in densitometers today. This means you can trust your 500 Series to give you comparable colour measurements between two or more presses or printing sites, among suppliers, or between the customer and the printing facility.

  • One-Step Calibration
    Each 500 Series instrument comes with a form-fitting white reference, so
    calibration takes only a few seconds–and only X-Rite has it. Use the built-in
    reminder to prompt you when to calibrate, ensuring consistent, accurate
    measurements all the time.
  • Large Graphic Display
    The 500 Series has a big, easy-to-read graphic display. It’s configurable for
    left- or right-handed operation and features full menu commands in multiple
    languages* to meet the needs of almost anyone, anywhere.
    *Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and more
  • Unrivaled Warranty
    All 500 Series instruments come with our industry-leading three-year warranty.
    You can be sure of solid, reliable and accurate performance beyond the warranty
    period with our long-term service agreements and ISO certification services.

    Which 500 Series model is right for you?
    504 What could be simpler? Our entry-level model 504 measures any density status quickly and reliably.
    508 Our basic 508 densitometer is great for prepress
    and the press room—it accurately measures density, dot area and dot gain in a single instrument.
    518 Our standard pressroom densitometer is essential for 4-colour press operators. Use it to help determine which press adjustments need to be made during the run, with functions like trap and print contrast.
    520 With the growing adoption of colour management, the 520 is the perfect, versatile solution for evaluating CMS performance and for assessing proof to print matching.
    528 For printers who print special colours and process colour, the 528 is the basic model of choice. It has a full selection of densitometry capability plus several essential colour features.
    530 The 530 makes easy work of most any print measurement function.
    It offers spectral data, colourimetry or densitometry, all from a single, rugged instrument.

    When you buy a 500 – get MonacoQCcolour Desktop Version FREE!

    Are your colour proofs accurate? How do you know for sure? MonacoQCcolour is an objective, fail-safe way to measure colour proofs and verify whether they meet job requirements. No matter the size of your printing operation, your proofing system operators can use MonacoQCcolour to ensure the colour accuracy of all proofs.
    Two Versions: Desktop and Network
    MonacoQCcolour comes in two versions that meet a full range of needs. The Desktop version is standalone software that allows you to compare your proofs against fixed, preset targets based on industry-standard guidelines. The targets include both test images and colour reference values. The Desktop version is designed for basic workflows and provides users with simplified tools to manage their proof verification process.

    Ideal for operations with more advanced workflows, the Network version allows multiple users to send/receive proof verification information to/from a central server.
    Whether your output devices reside in one facility or are dispersed around the world (remote proofing sites), MonacoQCcolour Network ensures colour proof fidelity from device to device, both now and over time.

    The Network version also enables you to store statistical information in a central database, and to customize your own acceptance criteria. This ensures that proofs and prints are colour-accurate and drives costs out of your process. Note that the Desktop version can be upgraded to the Network version, as needed.

    The Benefits
    No matter which version you choose, MonacoQCcolour:

  • Ensures colour accuracy and consistency before final approvals and/or press runs
  • Quantifies and qualifies colour data to verify whether your proofs meet custom or industry-based pass/fail requirements prior to customer review
  • Reduces reproduction errors for local and remote output
  • Increases productivity by streamlining proof quality reviews
  • Saves you time and money

    Contact ColoRite
    today to see how the rugged, fast and spectrally accurate line of 500 Series densitometers can help your operation. And with MonacoQCcolour ensure the accuracy of your proofs, first time, every time.


  • This article was brought to you by ColoRite Equipment

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