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X-Rite revolutionises process control of plates

Thursday, 06 April 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

PlateScope is more than a new dotmeter; it’s a process control system featuring an intuitive colour LCD screen and QC Plate software. It measures most screening methods including AM, FM, XM and Hybrid. The problem areas of past plate dotmeters – extreme highlights and shadows – have been overcome .

With PlateScope and QC Plate software, printers can profile their platesetters, plates, presses and paper types to automatically generate correct gain curves and speed up quality checking. It captures data voraciously and provides a database of profiles, each accurately stored for failsafe results.

X-Rite describes PlateScope as ‘doing for printing what the iPod did for music.’

With an RRP of USD$4,895 and trade-in offers on older dotmeters, its seems a small investment for such big results. Chris LaFontaine, worldwide product manager with X-Rite, stated “We worked very closely with the plate vendors on PlateScope and it has been in test with customers for a few months with outstanding results. It enables printers to get the plates right first time, every time, and it’s very easy to use.”

X-Rite is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by ColoRite Equipment.

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