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Younger blood at SIGNWAVE

Thursday, 04 June 2015
By Print 21 Online Article

The new owner of SIGNWAVE Artarmon says he took over the franchise after researching the sign and graphics industry and finding ‘plenty of upside.’

Thirty-something Blake Haymen is part of a trend towards younger business professionals who are choosing franchise ownership, according to SIGNWAVE Australia franchise development manager, Dean Rowland.

“Where once upon a time, we would have had more interest from older professionals looking to change vocations towards the end of their careers, now we are seeing a different breed of go-getter with more long-term goals,” said Rowland.  “As well as Blake, Craig Buchanan, who’s a similar age, has taken over our South Melbourne centre.”

Haymen says he sought the opportunity at Artarmon after looking into growth potential in the signage industry and identifying areas he could enhance to attract new customers. “In the past, I’ve had unfortunate experiences with companies that don’t put enough focus on service or solutions,” he said.

Haymen previously managed his family-owned powder coating business, Precision Coating, for eight years. He says he was able to grow the business by remaining focused on profitability and efficiency while seeking new market prospects. “I am confident I can transfer those skills into building a highly profitable, reputable sign and graphics centre.

“Compared to the metal fabrication industry, the sign and graphics industry still has plenty of upside and continued relevance in Australia,” he said.  “I really cannot see how Australian businesses can outsource custom signage overseas and I am excited by the opportunities digital signage and other upcoming technologies offer the industry.”

The Artarmon SIGNWAVE centre is his first venture on his own. “Franchising, and in particular the SIGNWAVE franchise, can allow me to build on the know-how I already have and apply it to my own outfit.  As part of a franchise network, I don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  The framework is already there.  It’s up to me to make something of it by nurturing staff and satisfying clients.

SIGNWAVE  is a global signage, graphics and visual communications business with 560 centres in countries all over the world.

Blake Haymen, SIGNWAY Artarmon

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