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Your MIS shutdown checklist over Christmas

Monday, 02 October 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

There may be 12 days of Christmas but for the wise printer there are Six Essentials to Check for a Happy End of Year. Dave Bell, co-founder of Quote & Print spells out what you need for your MIS Check List

At the end of the year we’re always so keen to get those last jobs out the door, costed and invoiced. Under this pressure it is easy to forget a few simple things that will make your life a lot easier next year.

1. Do two backups of your data and ensure that one is kept offsite. The reason is that the Christmas Holiday Period is the most likely time your factory/office will be broken into and things stolen or vandalized. It is relatively easy to replace computer equipment compared to the cost of re keying several weeks’ worth of data, or losing it completely.

2. If you normally leave your server switched on make sure that it will not over heat if the server’s room air conditioning is switched off.

3. Before your switch off your server check with your IT support people first. It might also be used as a mail server or ftp server. Loss of this facility will greatly affect your business.

4. If you do your own payrolls double check the number of pay periods you will be paying every body to make sure the tax is correct and the correct leave accrual is done.

5. Finalize as much invoicing as you can and post out the invoices. This is important especially if your accounts staff is taking two or more weeks leave.

6. If you plan to work over the break (and some people do) make sure that you have the mobile phone numbers of your key IT support staff both internal and external. Their offices could well be shut down.

And have a Merry Christmas.

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