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Zünd a standout for Starleaton at PacPrint

Thursday, 01 June 2017
By Company press release

The Zünd G3 sold at PacPrint off the Starleaton stand

Starleaton enjoyed a very successful PacPrint according to CEO Ben Eaton, with its Zünd Swiss-made cutting tables proving particularly popular.

“The show Zünd G3 was sold to an undisclosed customer at PacPrint,” says Eaton, “and we fielded numerous enquiries to be followed up post-show. The sheer quality and reliability of Zünd in all formats, plus the added value of the Design Centre 3 packaging templates, makes it an easy choice for discerning POS and packaging customers. A job is not finished until it is ‘finished’ and we are proud to offer Zünd cutting systems at the end of our production workflow that includes EFI Vutek printers and CGS colour management.”

Such versatility has just won Zünd a European EDP (European Digital Press) award, ‘Best digital cutting system,’ for its innovative new RM-L routing system which converts G3 and D3 table cutters into powerful routers. The RM-L is a modular head exerting an impressive 3.6 kW of power, for routing acrylics, polycarbonates, ACM, foam-boards and MDF with unprecedented speed and efficiency. The force of this router, combined with up to 0.7 Nm of torque, opens up new possibilities for processing thick, hard, dense substrates. Adding routing capability to existing Zünd cutters delivers greater processing speeds and cutting depths and reduces the number of passes required to cut these materials. It even out-performs most dedicated routers.

Eaton, who returned from FESPA Hamburg shortly before PacPrint, says Zünd stole the European show as far as cutting and routing tables are concerned. “Zünd Is the cutting system by which others are judged, he says, adding: “More than this, at FESPA they showed a new laser module, the LM 100W, which cuts and simultaneously seals the edges of polyester fabrics. Essentially, the laser beam uses high heat to cut the fabric. This causes the material to melt and creates clean, perfectly sealed edges, which prevents fraying. In the soft signage and textile sector this alone is a major advancement.”

Starleaton Product Manager Ian Cleary says: “Longevity is another unique feature of Zünd – like Swiss watches they are built to last and last. We have machines still in use after 17 years, which have received several upgrades along the way.”

“There may be cheaper cutters but there is nothing like a Zünd to future-proof your finishing,” says Eaton.

Full view of the Zünd G3




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