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  • Print NZ targets 75% of industry companies 


    Dan Blackbourn, PrintNZ president and GM Operations at APN is aiming to increase industry participation to ensure the Association retains its premium representation status.

  • Last Call to Join the NPA Frontline 


    The call to arms went out last year, exhorting those with ink in their veins and a flair for excellence to join fellow print professionals at the front line of the battle for print at the 2015 National Print Awards.

  • Why print must never die – McCourt’s Reverb 


    The events in France over the past week have highlighted print media for all the wrong reasons. The journalists and cartoonists so savagely murdered were simply going about their daily routines of writing, illustrating and publishing a magazine, Charlie Hebdo.

  • And the Spandex $20,000 winner is… 


    The New Year began brightly for Garth Austin at All Kinds of Signs, Shailer Park, Queensland. He is the winner of the Spandex $20,000 prize drawn on Christmas Eve and credited to his account this month to spend on anything with Spandex. All Kinds of Signs has been a Spandex customer for over 20 years, mostly for sign vinyls. Owner-operator Garth Austin sub-contracts his digital printing work out to printers local to his southside of Brisbane shop.

  • 2014 – The Year in Review 


    2014 was a big year for the printing industry in Australia and New Zealand, filled with moment and movement. Printing volumes held up even as the number of off-set printing establishments fell. Rumours of the death of print proved highly exaggerated… again.

  • It’s official – GAMAA and VISA are in merger talks 


    The two major supplier organisations are exploring ‘models of working together, one of which is a possible merger.’ As first reported here at Print21, talks are underway that may result in a radically changed landscape for the graphic arts industry.

  • The potential of personalised packaging –­ Nessan Cleary @ Print21 magazine 

    labels on rolls

    Digital printers are increasingly targeting the label and packaging markets with quite a few available or just about to launch. The great strength of digital printing has been its ability to handle very short runs, not something that you’d immediately associate with labelling or packaging.

  • Two years behind schedule but Benny Landa is confident of selling Nanographic presses at drupa 2016 – exclusive interview with Andy McCourt. 


    At drupa 2012 the printing world was bedazzled by the showing of the first all-new technology to hit the market for decades – Landa Nanographic Printing. There followed a virtual lock-down period as Landa’s team has worked to re-engineer the presses and get ready for the next drupa, in June 2016.

  • 40 years selling paper; 27 years publishing calendars – it’s a dog’s life 


    There was a time when the printing industry was recognized for producing calendars to give to its customers at the end of year, but few printers or suppliers carry on the tradition. KW Doggett Fine Paper is a notable exception.

  • Paper price rises in response to falling Aussie $ 


    From a high of more than parity with the US dollar to its current 82 cents the falling Australian currency is pumping price rises into many parts of the economy and paper is no exception.

  • Allclear gets Brisbane’s 2nd HP Indigo 10000 

    Currie Logo again

    A new generation is setting its own expectations about how printing businesses are put together and what is the right technology mix to grow the market.

  • Locals 1st to engage with XMF v6.1 


    Australian and New Zealand printers are ahead of the game when it comes to getting the productivity benefits of the latest Fujifilm XMF Workflow update.

  • Blue Star looks to Heidelberg for ISO certification 


    After meeting ISO standards in printing unofficially for many years Blue Star in Victoria decided it was time to use its press supplier’s qualification to make it official.

  • Local printers pick up most PIXIs in regional comp 


    Australia dominated the 7th annual PIXI (Printing Innovation with Xerox Imaging) awards that recognise the most outstanding and innovative users of Fuji Xerox solutions.

  • Early days in GAMAA & VISA merger talks 


    The prospect of a merger to enhance the already strong relationship between the Graphic Arts Merchants Association of Australia and the Visual Image Suppliers Association is still some way off as both organisation start to explore the possibilities.

  • Landa doubles space in 2016 – drupa Snooper is back 

    The Drupa Snooper

    It may be over a year away in 2016 but drupa is shaping as the next watershed for the printing industry. Exhibition space bookings are up and the show is defying dropout trends, according to the organisers. drupa Snooper is keeping a watchful eye.

  • National Print Awards deadline extended to January 30 


    The people have spoken, or at least the printers have! Feedback from print lovers and revolutionaries about the tight deadline for the 32nd National Print Awards has been heard, giving those who have heard the call to enter until Friday 30 January to get their best work in for the Awards.

  • Does your business measure up? Richard Rasmussen on the benefits of Future Print Benchmarking 


    Industry analyst and Future Print advisor, Richard Rasmussen (pictured) looks at the pros and cons of benchmarking your business against the rest of the industry. He can’t see why you wouldn’t do it.

  • Graphic Art Mart introduces the Truepress JET 


    The national sign and display supplier, exclusive distributor of the Screen wide format machine, held a working demonstration open house at leading POS and Display wide-format printer Flash Graphics, Marrickville.

  • Iconic newspaper printer to stop the presses 


    The chill of losing a major client to heatset last year, with another about to make the move in the near future, has cut the ground from under Sydney-based cold-set MPD Printing as tumbling print prices take their toll.