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End-to-end workflows, 3D printing, and getting Benny out of bed – that’s a wrap for Connect 

Patrick Howard’s review of the industry’s premiere ‘think fest.’

  • 500 Australian newspapers in new print ad service 


    The Newspaper Works has launched the Newspaper Locator, an online tool to help media agencies better plan newspaper media campaigns. The tool presents 500 newspapers across Australia, grouped into established television broadcast areas to assist multi-platform campaign planning

  • National Print Awards entries close on Friday 

    ASP NPA 2012

    Entries in the premiere awards can be delivered to your local Printing Industries office in person up to 5pm this Friday 30 January 2015. This is the first year printers can enter their work directly into the National Print awards.

  • Admark soars to the heights with Smaug 


    The fearsome dragon from Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movie on the fuselage of an Air New Zealand 777 wins the Best of the Best Award for the Hamilton-based printer. ‘The Desolation of Smaug’ proved a winner at the Specialist Graphic Industry Association (SGIA) Golden Image Awards.

  • Winning lightweight boxing – Brunner 


    We recently had the privilege to speak at the Hong Kong Printers’ Federation Summit on the benefits of standards. One of the discussion points was the need for more environmental innovation within printing companies.

  • “Print is the doorway to digital” – Tom Quinlan, CEO RR Donnelley at Connect, Las Vegas 


    The second part of that is … “digital is the doorway to print,” and it encapsulates the relationship between one of the largest printing companies in the world and the internet age.

  • EFI goes for its ‘CS’ moment with launch of Productivity Suite 

    Mark Olin

    Linking up the industry’s leading array of print-focused software into one integrated offering will give printers an end-to-end workflow at every point. Patrick Howard reports from Las Vegas. Mark Olin (pictured left) CFO opened Connect

  • LEP adds another shift in Melbourne 


    Four months after opening its Port Melbourne plant LEP is adding an extra shift each day to handle the workload. The extra production is indicative of the move towards hub printing across the industry with all the major ‘trade’ printers – CMYK Hub and Hero, as well as LEP reporting growing volumes.

  • 20 high-speed HP inkjet webs will transform the economics of book printing 


    A technology watershed investment in book printing technology will take place over the next three years in the USA with the announcement that Quad Graphics, one of the largest printing companies, will transform its production platform by installing more than 20 digital inkjet web presses.

  • Commercial notice – Print business for sale 


    Priced at AUD$2.3 million + WIP
    Confidential enquiries under non-disclosure

  • On the pitfalls of takeovers & mergers – Patrick Howard 


    The printing industry is shrinking, there’s no doubt about it. Without a clear-eyed acceptance of that central fact we are unable to make sensible decisions about the future. Printing paper consumption in Australia declined 300,000 tonnes since its peak of 1.5 million tonnes in 2008, a fall of 20 percent.

  • Record numbers to Connect in Las Vegas 


    The 15-year-old EFI users conference turns up trumps this year with the largest attendance ever at the seminal printing industry technology conference in the gambling capital of the USA.

  • Norske Skog follows market with price rise 

    Norske Skog

    Less than one year after launching its locally-produced Vantage brand from the Boyer mill outside Hobart, the local manufacturer is joining the push to lift prices with a 3-5% increase on new orders.

  • Steve Edwards – Franchising for the future. 


    On occasions, it’s difficult to recognise the printing industry Steve Edwards is talking about. It’s an industry where his Snap franchise, one of the largest print providers in the country, has ambitious strategies to evolve into a marketing services enterprise. He talks with Patrick Howard about how the next 12 months will see the start of a major transformation in one of the industry’s highest profile brands.

  • Print NZ targets 75% of industry companies 


    Dan Blackbourn, PrintNZ president and GM Operations at APN is aiming to increase industry participation to ensure the Association retains its premium representation status.

  • Last Call to Join the NPA Frontline 


    The call to arms went out last year, exhorting those with ink in their veins and a flair for excellence to join fellow print professionals at the front line of the battle for print at the 2015 National Print Awards.

  • Why print must never die – McCourt’s Reverb 


    The events in France over the past week have highlighted print media for all the wrong reasons. The journalists and cartoonists so savagely murdered were simply going about their daily routines of writing, illustrating and publishing a magazine, Charlie Hebdo.

  • And the Spandex $20,000 winner is… 


    The New Year began brightly for Garth Austin at All Kinds of Signs, Shailer Park, Queensland. He is the winner of the Spandex $20,000 prize drawn on Christmas Eve and credited to his account this month to spend on anything with Spandex. All Kinds of Signs has been a Spandex customer for over 20 years, mostly for sign vinyls. Owner-operator Garth Austin sub-contracts his digital printing work out to printers local to his southside of Brisbane shop.