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Paper falls flatten out but conditions are still tough – Tim Woods Pulp & Paper Edge 

After big declines in the consumption of printing paper in each of the previous two years, the market eased back towards stability in 2013-14, falling just 0.5% to 1.2 million tonnes.

  • Printid App ties direct mail into the digisphere 


    Integrating DM as part of a digital marketing campaign just got a whole lot easier as pioneering printer, Digital Logic, creates Printid, an App for the world.

  • Konica Minolta trumpets three production print awards 


    High-volume and mid-volume colour printers along with a black & white engine are recognised by Buyers Laboratory as being best in their class in the annual Pro Awards.

  • New press tops off ‘good year’ for manroland 


    The announcement of the Roland 700 Evolution sheetfed press reinforces Steve Dunwell’s (pictured) belief in Langley Holding’s commitment to R&D in the printing industry and will drive sales in Australia and NZ next year.

  • Can an App work for coatings and laminations? Oh yes it can! 


    Printers love swatch books and samples of new paper, different coatings and special effects. Now they can get close to the real thing over the internet with the new Allkotes App. In the same week that Digital Logic released its Printid App for the marketing industry, comes a another arch in the bridge between printing…

  • LEP claims 1st up for Future Print apprentices 


    Kirstin Robinson, who started working as a print finisher at LEP Colour Printers in April, is the first to be assessed to the new industry standard through Future Print, having completed her first block of competencies and benchmarking.

  • Michael Wu wins the battle for OnDemand 


    Ability Press and Miracle Bookbinding owner buys On Demand from liquidators through Production Print (Australia), the company running the operation under license since Bruce Peddlesden gave it away.

  • Rotoprint chooses Epson SurePress L-4033A 

    Surepress thumb

    With over 12 years experience in the printing industry, Queensland-based Rotoprint, a specialist in the design and manufacture of self-adhesive labels, has long relied on its existing flexographic printing equipment to provide full colour printing, laminating, varnishing and custom die-cut labels.

  • Mario Todisco gets satisafaction at M&M Binders 


    The family gets back together with managing director, Lenny Todisco re-employing his uncle as operations manager at the Melbourne-based trade binders. Mario’s 45 year’s experience is welcome as M&M gets into a rock’n’roll vibe with the production of a souvenir book for the Rolling Stones tour.

  • $15,000 overseas study trip up for grabs 


    One of the best opportunities for aspiring young industry professionals with a yen to travel is on again with the opening of registrations for the 2015 GAMAA Industry Overseas Research Grant

  • Print & Paper promotion campaign hits the road 


    Tired of being looked down on because you’re a printer? Sick of being called a tree-destroyer and a polluter? It’s not easy standing up for printing in the internet age but now there’s a new campaign to help you do just that.

  • Starleaton expands with Zund agency takeover 


    Peter Woods, director of Intergraphic Technologies, will join Starleaton Digital Solutions, following the takeover of the Melbourne-based former agent for Zund. The acquisition of the Swiss-made digital wide format cutter agency is part of an aggressive build-up by SDS in recent times.

  • ‘Life changing’ results from transformation workshops 


    Participants in the Business Transformation Workshops are happy to endorse the value of the scheme as the national project moves into high gear. New online benchmarking service will continue as a ‘stand-alone’ service after the project completes.

  • A printing industry by other names – James Cryer 


    Industry gadfly and guru, James Cryer, (pictured) wants to redefine the printing industry by its constituent parts and expand its borders to include the growing segments that are driving more of the current employment opportunities.

  • Printers can be enviro stewards – Laurel Brunner 


    Environmental stewardship sounds impressive. It comes down to the basics of managing the business with a view to waste and cost control and environmental impact. There are loads of printing and publishing companies around the world positioning themselves in this way.

  • ‘Come together over me’ – Naresh Gulati channels John Lennon to end price war 


    Continuing investment in equipment by Print Bound, Melbourne is being promoted as providing infrastructure for hire to printers who want to develop new types of business and escape from pricing wars.

  • Joan Grace quits Printing Industries 


    Two years after she moved across the Tasman following a long tenure as CEO of PrintNZ, Grace’s sudden departure leaves Victoria and Tasmania without a permanent manager. Jenny Berry, member services manager for Victoria and Tasmania will take over on an acting basis.

  • VFX wins Australia’s 1st Fogra PSD certification with a global twist 


    VFX Print Group is the first printing company in Australia to gain the prestigious Fogra Process Standard Digital certification and according to Bill Apostolidis, (pictured), the first in the world to achieve it across all three digital platforms; small- large- and grand-formats.