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  • Landmark web2print guide clears confusion 


    A comprehensive 58-page report from Printing Industries details how web commerce is central to current printing business and where printers can access specialist help. Web2Print (W2P) examines emerging international trends and describes the four most common W2P implementations.

  • Twin-knife Sydney sheeter for packaging 


    Meeting the demand for bespoke packaging sheets from its Sydney customers convinced BJ Ball it was worthwhile to invest in a sheeter for its Prospect facility. The new machine follows close on the heels of a second Melbourne sheeter installed in October last year.

  • Outreach survey to chart printing future 


    A new survey launched this week by David Leach, (pictured) president, Printing Industries, is not only targeting the membership of the premiere industry association but reaching out to engage with the broader industry.

  • Blue Star builds on its STI buyout 


    Thompson Print and Displays, the Sydney and Tamworth-based manufacturer will fit neatly into the company’s expanding retail display business. A heads of agreement is expected to complete on February 27 when Thompson people will shift over to the Padstow facility of Blue Star STI

  • Epson charts its high-tech way in 2015 


    Inkjet printers and virtual reality glasses are just part of the numerous technology offerings promoted by Epson at a start of year event to celebrate its Asian Cup sponsorship.

  • Australian Paper accused of dumping uncoated cut-sheets on USA. 

    In the middle of prosecuting its own anti-dumping case against foreign paper producers, the local manufacturer is named among other producers from China, Brazil, Portugal and Indonesia of exporting unfairly priced imports to the U.S.

  • EFI is making a motza on its way to $1 billion 


    Wide format and software technology developer posts a record revenue for 2014 of $790 million up 14% as it closes in on the CEO’s goal of a billion turnover by 2016.

  • Women in Print 2015 – cornflakes and champagne 

    Women in Print thumb

    The early birds may very well catch the worm but they also get to meet with other early risers over breakfast and share stories of how it is for women working in the printing industry.

  • Alpha Label gets its first HP Indigo label press 


    The shift towards digital production in printing continues with the increasing market dominance of the brand from Currie Group.

  • The pressure’s on labels – Andy Mcourt 

    labels on rolls

    Labels and short run packaging are being seen as some kind of El Dorado by digital equipment manufacturers, as click rates in the cut-sheet digital sector go even lower. There is unquestionably an over-supply of available digital label presses in a market where one or two players dominate and demand has yet to even remotely reach A3 cut-sheet proportions.

  • 500 Australian newspapers in new print ad service 


    The Newspaper Works has launched the Newspaper Locator, an online tool to help media agencies better plan newspaper media campaigns. The tool presents 500 newspapers across Australia, grouped into established television broadcast areas to assist multi-platform campaign planning

  • National Print Awards & regular Pride in Print entries close on Friday 

    ASP NPA 2012

    Entries in the premiere awards can be delivered to your local Printing Industries office in person up to 5pm this Friday 30 January 2015. This is the first year printers can enter their work directly into the National Print awards.

  • Admark soars to the heights with Smaug 


    The fearsome dragon from Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movie on the fuselage of an Air New Zealand 777 wins the Best of the Best Award for the Hamilton-based printer. ‘The Desolation of Smaug’ proved a winner at the Specialist Graphic Industry Association (SGIA) Golden Image Awards.

  • End-to-end workflows, 3D printing, and getting Benny out of bed – that’s a wrap for Connect 


    Patrick Howard’s review of the industry’s premiere ‘think fest.’

  • “Print is the doorway to digital” – Tom Quinlan, CEO RR Donnelley at Connect, Las Vegas 


    The second part of that is … “digital is the doorway to print,” and it encapsulates the relationship between one of the largest printing companies in the world and the internet age.

  • EFI goes for its ‘CS’ moment with launch of Productivity Suite 

    Mark Olin

    Linking up the industry’s leading array of print-focused software into one integrated offering will give printers an end-to-end workflow at every point. Patrick Howard reports from Las Vegas. Mark Olin (pictured left) CFO opened Connect

  • LEP adds another shift in Melbourne 


    Four months after opening its Port Melbourne plant LEP is adding an extra shift each day to handle the workload. The extra production is indicative of the move towards hub printing across the industry with all the major ‘trade’ printers – CMYK Hub and Hero, as well as LEP reporting growing volumes.

  • 20 high-speed HP inkjet webs will transform the economics of book printing 


    A technology watershed investment in book printing technology will take place over the next three years in the USA with the announcement that Quad Graphics, one of the largest printing companies, will transform its production platform by installing more than 20 digital inkjet web presses.

  • Mark Shergill kicks off 2015 with yet another takeover 


    There was no pot of gold at the end of Rainbow Printing’s second time around in the Sydney printing market. The company closed it’s Wetherill Park production operations before Christmas, selling off its equipment and letting staff go before transferring the client lists and data to serial takeover specialist, Mark Shergill.

  • Commercial notice – Print business for sale 


    Priced at AUD$2.3 million + WIP
    Confidential enquiries under non-disclosure