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  • 1st large format printers from Epson in 7 years 


    A significant addition to the wide format market will kick off in October when Epson launches three new SureColor machines with each printer specially designed for a different market segment.

  • PaperlinX rejects $260m breach claim pic ok

    The fallout continues for PaperlinX following the collapse of its European operation, with the paper merchant dismissing claims that it breached terms involving $260 million worth of hybrid securities.

  • The true state of offset – Print21 magazine 


    The ‘boom’ of digital print is deafening while sheetfed offset is meekly considered a ‘bust’ – but is it necessarily so? A survey found that of the world’s 49,152 billion A4 pages printed in 2012, offset accounted for 76%. Alison Stieven-Taylor reports.

  • NZ Herald wins newspaper of the year award 


    NZME’s The New Zealand Herald has won the top prize at the PANPA 2015 Newspaper of the Year ceremony in Sydney, taking out the national/metro category. Yandina Print Centre won the Print Centre of the Year award.

  • Who cares about the environment? – Brunner 

    jgabriel 135

    We moan about climate change when we see weather related catastrophies in the media but too rarely think about changing our behaviour in response, says industry consultant Laurel Brunner.

  • Dscoop on day #1 – expand the membership – calls for volunteers 


    The HP users group’s Asia conference, running for two days at the Big Site exhibition centre in Tokyo, has attracted over 20 Australian industry professionals to join hundreds more from the region to forge collaborative networks.

  • Mohawk is the last print-design prize 


    BJ Ball continues to sponsor the Mohawk competition as others fade away, heartened by good turnouts of designers in Melbourne and in Sydney this week. The bi-annual competition to find the best in print design is proving its worth, attracting increased entries from the design community.

  • Bobst takeover is a name changer for Gidue 


    The Swiss manufacturer exercised its option to buy the remaining shares in the mid-to-narrow web press maker, renaming the business as Bobst Firenze. No immediate change is expected in the local market with Melbourne-based Gulman Engineering continuing to represent the company.

  • Australia Post – the road to privatization? 


    The Australia Post kerfuffle dives right to the heart of two factors: the relevance of postal services in this digital age and also the Government’s obligations to the nation. Andy McCourt does some deep research on the matters.

  • Wide format star is rising – Print21 magazine 

    Ben Eaton 135

    Starleaton Digital Solutions is a family-owned supplier mixing it successfully with the big boys in wide-format consumables and specialised hardware. Ben Eaton spoke with Print21 magazine about what the industry can expect from this rising star.

  • Latest GJS technology in Sydney this week 


    The GJS roadshow returns home to present its latest print technology in Sydney on Saturday after travelling to South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania over the past month. The event will also launch the new Sawgrass Virtuoso desktop sublimation printers.

  • Australian launch of ColorPainter H3-104s 


    DES is showcasing a new Seiko printer, ColorPainter H3-104s, on its stand at the Melbourne Visual Impact show Sept 17-19. The new model is the widest inkjet printer among SIIT’s ColorPainter product line.

  • Demand skyrockets at digital printer 

    arte grafica 1

    A decision to buy a Konica Minolta C8000 digital printer at Printex produced a dramatic lift in business at family-run Adelaide printer Arte Grafica. “Demand just skyrocketed…the volume of work got so big that we needed to upgrade again,” said manager Tony Cavaiuolo.

  • Paintings by Canon 


    Canon unveiled technology that can reproduce famous oil paintings, allowing viewers to experience the reproduced work while the original art remains in storage. Canon plans to expand the technology into advertising signage, product packaging and wallpaper.

  • Mike Boyle and the Australian ‘halo’ effect 


    A shift in the corporate culture of HP delivers a distinctive Australian flavour to the top management that can only benefit the local industry.

  • Rising anger against Australia Post price hikes 


    The mailing industry and postal unions are stepping up campaigns against Australia Post’s plan to increase rates for letters and bulk mail. A protest rally was held outside Australia Post headquarters in Melbourne and union officials will travel to Canberra to lobby the federal government.

  • PMP & Horton Media winners at SWUG awards 


    PMP Print and Horton Media dominated the major awards at this year’s Single Width Users’ Group (SWUG) conference in Rotorua, New Zealand. PMP swept the Heatset Tabloid category and also won the retail catalogues award.

  • Businesses losing millions to cybercrime: PIAA webinar 

    Andrew Dixon-Hughes

    Stolen data is rapidly becoming the new currency for organised crime and a major headache for business owners, with cybercrime set to eclipse drug trafficking in value. Security expert Andrew Dixon-Hughes will examine the issue in a PIAA webinar.

  • $2.2m fraud case against NZ publisher 

    nz flag finalist

    A former director of failed New Zealand magazine publisher MediaWeb has been charged with fraud involving $2.2 million. The company produced titles including NZ Management Magazine, AdMedia, Hospitality, OnFilm and Catering Plus.

  • Winds of change – Interim CEO for NPCIA 


    David Carter has been appointed interim CEO of the National Packaging Covenant Industry Association (NPCIA) following last month’s departure of Stan Moore. The NPCIA is currently finalising a new Packaging Covenant for environment ministers to consider in December.