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  • My 45 minutes as economic advisor to the Treasurer – James Cryer. 


    Industry seer and gadfly, James Cryer, took up an invitation to meet Treasurer Joe Hockey to talk over some points in a ‘Budget Review’ at his North Sydney office. Here is how it happened and, for those with a taste for it, the original communication between the two.

  • Ferd. Rüesch confirmed as ‘strategic anchor investor’ in Heidelberg 


    The Swiss label press manufacturer is now one of the largest shareholders in Heidelberg as the sale of his Gallus company is finalized.

  • Family firm offers $200K for Media Options against debts of $3.3m 


    The remarkable acceptance of a bid by Sureprint, owned by related parties, for the failed Sydney business, in the face of a competing bid, has caused outrage from creditors and the other bidder alike.

  • Age has not wearied them – LIA 50th Anniversary 


    In 1974 Kevin Thomas and Warwick Roden (pictured) were two junior members of the inaugural committee of the LIA when it grew from the genesis of the Lithographic Club, founded in 1965, in Sydney. They were both speakers at last night’s 50th Anniversary dinner in Silverwater.

  • CMYKhub opens US office and enters agreement with NextDayFourColor 


    CMYKhub has opened an office in Houston, Texas and has entered a licence agreement with NextDayFourColor (ND4C) to operate the company’s business network in Texas. ND4C is a leading trade printer in Texas with two manufacturing plants, Houston and San Antonio.

  • Isn’t it rich – Fuji Xerox celebrates at the circus 


    It’s been a while between massive parties in the printing industry as budgets come under pressure but last week’s Sydney launch of the Versant 2100 was a carnival of good times.

  • 1st Future Print Business Briefing in Adelaide 


    The Future Print Business Transformation Project is a two-hour Leadership Briefing, which is an opportunity for business owners to learn about the watershed programme to assist printing business change and grow. The first of a series will kick off this week at 8.30 am -10.30 am on Thursday 14 August at The Hackney Hotel & Function Centre, 95 Hackney Road, Hackney SA.

  • High German costs ends most Heidelberg postpress 


    Muller Martini to take over service for discontinued lines as Heidelberg closes its Leipzig factory and sources equipment from Chinese manufacturer, Masterwork Machinery.

  • Vale Peter Macdougall AM 

    Printing Industries

    Former Printing Industries’ National Councillor, Peter Macdougall AM, has passed away aged 89. He was a fourth generation managing director of Sands & MacDougall Pty Ltd and after retiring became the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

  • Pack to Australia with home-grown gravure – Print21 magazine article 


    Working against the accepted wisdom that only major multi-nationals and overseas printers can afford to invest in gravure presses, an Australian family-owned print business in Melbourne is looking to make a name for itself in the flexible packaging market. Simon Enticknap investigates.

  • New Ryobi powers-up Perth print production 


    Leading ‘trade only’ print supplier’s no-compete rule is attracting more resellers and helping drive increased volumes in WA. This is the fourth major 8-colour press for CMYKhub – one Komori in Melbourne, then Ryobi in Sydney, Brisbane and now Perth.

  • Commercial Notice – Print Bound factory for Sale 


    For Sale – Expressions of Interest closing Thursday 28 August. Former Print Bound printing factory at 22 Cleeland Road, Oakleigh South. A high-class facility suitable for printing as well as manufacturing activities.

  • LEP move heats up Melbourne ‘for trade’ competition 


    The arrival of yet another ‘for trade’ printer in the Southern Capital will intensify competition in an already crowded market. LEP is the latest entrant into the service print sector that is increasingly concentrated in Melbourne.

  • Opus new backers in the market for investment funding 


    Hong Kong-based printing company, 1010, is negotiating with potential third parties to recapitalise the troubled Opus business following its successful novation takeover.

  • Allan Ryan to lead $11m printing Transformation 


    Industry innovator comes on board to kick-start the largest government-funded industry adjustment scheme since the seminal Print21 project at the start of the century. The far-reaching scheme is designed to help graphic communication businesses to meet the market of the future.

  • No offset press manufacturers in Snap list 


    A web design company, Bloomtools and an insurance broker, OAMPS, join mainstream industry suppliers in a ‘partnership initiative’ with the franchise chain.

  • DES lends its weight to Seiko Infotech wide-format 

    DES thumb

    The national supplier is “pleased and proud” to sign on as a distribution partner to sell and support ColorPainter M-64s printers Australia wide for the Japanese brand.

  • Top team signed for Epson SureColor F2000 


    An A-list of specialist partners and dealers is already rolling out the revolutionary Epson direct-to-garment (DTG) inkjet printer to printers across Australia & NZ. Andreas Johansson, Kayell Australia is claiming one of the first sales to his customer, Nayyal Saamad, Business Junction, in Sydney.

  • Printing Industries Events update 

    Printing Industries

    Two webinars were announced this week by Joe Kowalewski, communications director of Printing Industries.The first on the practice of producing bar codes will be delivered by industry expert John Lane, Manager of the Bar Code Testing team who has overseen the testing of more than one million bar codes. Click to learn more.

  • Nick Pond’s SA print safari – Print21 magazine article Part 2 


    In the first part Nick Pond was exploring the ins and out of printing in Adelaide. This time around he meets with two very different printers… Photo Academy and Label partners.